How the Silver Linings Brainwaves and Business Plans older age care competition works

Make older age care sustainable and win £500 for each Brainwave and £10,000 to the winning Business Plan!

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Responsible Investor in collaboration with Sally Bridgeland, FIA (trustee, non-executive director and adviser) and Dr Rachel Melsom, MBBS, BSc. (Director, Medical Matrix Consulting, and practicing physician with a special interest in Older Persons Care) have launched a novel competition to solicit ideas and investable business plans to help improve care for older generations and make it more financially and practically sustainable. 

The competition is titled: Silver linings: Because our pension beneficiaries really do matter

The website can be accessed here

Why the title? Because good, long-term old age care is a problem that has huge sustainability problems and is not currently getting the required attention. It is a cloud that needs a Silver Lining. Read our article on the sustainability problem of older person care. 

We’ve added to the title the words: “Because our pension beneficiaries really do matter", because we believe that our pension savings systems are designed (at their best) to provide financing for a decent standard of care during the latter period of life. As financial and medical practitioners working in institutional finance, we think we can help broaden public awareness of the issue, by identifying some of the core problems (social, technological, environmental, financial), and more importantly, working together to deliver some of the best thinking from the corporate and financial worlds to help be part of genuinely sustainable and investable solutions.

So what is the competition?

We’re calling it a think > do competition for ‘brainwaves’ and ‘business plans’.

A think > do competition is one where we collect ideas (Brainwaves) and Business Plans as ‘catalysts’ that we then present to investors at a digital conference, with the aim of taking them to investable projects.

So what are the Prizes?

Brainwaves: £500 each for the 8 best brainwaves.  

Business Plans: £10,000 to the winning entry, and  £5,000 to 2x runner-up entries.

‘Brainwaves‘ highlight a key problem and provide an inspired solution in an elderly care context. Brainwaves are short statements to describe problems and smart ideas/solutions in clear, accessible terms. The Brainwaves part of the competition is simple to enter, and will form part of the social media promotion of the competition.

The core part of the competition is to solicit relatively short, coherent, inspired  ‘Business Plans'  that could develop into real investable solutions that address the problem of unsustainable elderly care. The aim is that these business plans should be the catalyst for investable projects. The best Business Plans will be presented at a dedicated digital conference on May 24 that invites investors to hear the Business Plans and advance discussions with the Business Plan authors. 

You can upload your Brainwaves and Business Plans on the Silver Linings website

Spread the word to your networks and get working on your Brainwaves and Business Plans to make care for older persons sustainable!

We are looking for sponsors.

We are grateful for the support of Darwin Alternative Investment Management, Pension Insurance Corporation, Triple Point and Federated Hermes as cornerstone sponsors of the competition prizes, and Audley Group as a supporting sponsor. 

And we are looking for more sponsors for what we believe is an excellent chance for organisations to show their support of real sustainable finance in action for pension beneficiaries. Contact for more information on Sponsor Benefits.


Competition Launch:
January 2021

Submission of Brainwaves:
April 30, 2021

Short list Brainwaves announced:
May 14, 2021

Silver Linings Digital Event, Brainwave winners announced:
May 24, 2021

Submission of Business Plans:
By September 10, 2021

Short list Business Plans announced:
October 1, 2021

Business Plan winners announced:
November 2021

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