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Eleanor joined Responsible Investor in 2020. She coordinates with our various stakeholders across time zones and provides logistical assistance to the Events Coordinator in delivering our conferences, workshops, and webinars.Eleanor studied BSc Biological Sciences at Imperial College London, graduating in 2019.
ESG investing has reached an inflection point, transitioning from an interesting concept to business as usual at most firms. New rule-making and policies on definitions of ESG funds and heavier scrutiny on ESG disclosure by issuers are on the horizon in many markets. However, there remain challenges when it comes to ESG data quality. Best practice in ESG integration across the lifecycle of investment processes is still being established.This webinar will explore ESG integration across multiple classes asking questions :How do different approaches to materiality affect unique investment strategies?How is ESG integrated in cycles of the investment process i.e. active management, proxy voting, and client reporting?What are the implications of upcoming regulations and reporting standards on ESG dataset quality?Speakers :Leon Saunders, Head of Sustainable Finance, Lipper and I&A Insights, RefinitivNicolai Lundy, Director of Partnerships & Market Outreach, SASBKatherine Collins, Head of Sustainable Investing, PutnamModerator :Daniel Brooksbank, Head of Strategic Contents, Responsible Investor
Investors are increasingly aware of ESG and Low Carbon integration in equity portfolio construction. Still, there is a debate in the industry on how to address this goal in an effective way. One of the most widely discussed topics is the idea that in addition to its good financial qualities, an ESG portfolio is also liable to outperform the market in terms of risk-adjusted performance. As such, a large number of strategy providers have presented Low Carbon strategies as benefitting from a Carbon factor effect.In this webinar, we examine whether there is a Carbon factor with a significant risk premium and whether mixing ESG/Low Carbon objectives with financial objectives adds value to performance; questions on the veritable impact of Low Carbon financial strategies on the real economy are also addressed.Topics covered include:Is carbon a rewarded factor?Is there a benefit to using carbon scores to construct portfolios? Do carbon scores allow an investor to be smart?Does a low carbon portfolio help to decarbonise the real economy?Speakers: Felix Goltz, PhD, Research Director, Scientific BetaErik Christiansen, ESG & Low Carbon Solutions Specialist, Scientific Beta Moderator:Daniel Brooksbank, Head of Strategic Content, Responsible Investor
Le monde francophone semble plus à l'aise de réglementer dans l'intérêt public, contrairement à la réglementation plus «légère» de nombreuses régions anglo saxonnes - et la finance durable est nulle exception. Cette séance mettra en lumière les développements de la finance durable dans diverses régions francophones. Conférenciers- Jacques Deforges, DG, Finance Montréal (Québec) - Anne-Claire Roux, DG, Finance for Tomorrow (France) Modérateur- Hugh Wheelan, Co-director, Responsible Investor
What role can investors play in enabling Canadian boardrooms to become diverse? Can boardrooms signal their ability to oversee long-term strategic decision-making and resilient value creation in a volatile era?How can diversity drive innovation and risk management? How is ESG risk management re-defining future-ready business planning?
Keynote Address at RI Digital: Canada 2020 - Global energy investing after coronavirus
How are property investors modelling climate risks and opportunities across global portfolios?How will the urban transition to net zero emissions building and transport systems play out in Canada and impact on investment strategy?Can new data and machine learning capabilities drive systematic change in commercial and residential property investing?
How are data sources & supercomputing being used to respond to the speed and intensification of ESG event risks and deeper, long-term strategic opportunities?What data is being used to build ESG strategies and to identify ESG risks across portfolios? How does the data inform the range of ESG integration methods from negative screening to integration and alternative benchmark construction?How can new data support investor engagement strategies to drive real change at company board level and strategy?
Dominique Hyde, Director of External Relations, United Nations High Commission for RefugeesIn conversation with Hugh Wheelan, Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director, Responsible Investor
Keynote Address at RI Digital: Canada 2020 - Global energy investing after coronavirus
Is Canada’s green taxonomy seeking to protect the fossil fuel sector from the reality of a global energy transition or will it be instrumental in achieving climate targets across the economy?Is the delay in implementing a robust sustainable finance taxonomy in Canada and the EU holding back sustainable investment or are investment decisions already being made based on the draft taxonomies?How does Canada’s green taxonomy align with other efforts such as those of the EU and the International Standards Organization, and why should investors be paying attention?

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