Campaign group European Coalition for Corporate Justice seeks links with SRI investors

“Policy change won’t be achieved by ECCJ alone”

The European Coalition for Corporate Justice (ECCJ), the network of civil society organisations working on corporate accountability and responsibility issues, is seeking links with socially responsible investors.

Building alliances is part of the ECCJ’s new strategic plan to 2016, which states: “Policy change won’t be achieved by ECCJ alone. Both ad-hoc and long-term collaborations are needed.”

So the ECCJ plans to build links and explore “joint action” with other non-governmental organisations, trades unions, national human rights institutions, consumer organizations and socially responsible investors.

The membership of Brussels-based, Dutch-registered ECCJ includes 10 national bodies as well as campaign groups such as Friends of the Earth Europe.The coalition is funded by the Netherlands’ Oxfam-Novib, the Sigrid Rausing Trust Foundation, the Isvara Foundation and the Fondation des Droits de l’Homme au Travail (Human Rights at Work Foundation, Geneva).

Meanwhile, the ECCJ has welcomed the European Commission’s proposal on nonfinancial reporting – which has also been welcomed by leading investor bodies – as a “first step towards corporate accountability”. But it argues it needs to be strengthened to ensure companies disclose the “information that matters”.

It wants the EU to require all large companies to report on the social, human rights and environmental impacts that their operations – including their complete supply chains – have on society, and “not just their bottom line”. It also wants the Commission to develop indicators on key social, human rights and environmental impacts.