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RI Webinar: Central bank action on climate risk & the energy transition - G20 investor update

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Event Summary

How will investors respond to green fiscal policy and a new wave of central bank action on climate targets? Join us to find out.

Ahead of the G20 Osaka Summit, RI is bringing together global central banking leaders and investment banking macroeconomists to consider how ESG and climate risk integration into central banking and monetary policy across G20 member states could influence the investment decision-making of global investors.

As fiscal policy makers and macroprudential regulators within the Network for Greening the Financial System get down to business, investors are waking up to the potential for climate-aligned monetary policy that could nudge economies towards alignment with the 2 degree targets agreed upon in the Paris Agreement.

From the integration of climate risk management into the work of supervisory authorities to the incorporation of sustainability criteria into central banks’ portfolio management functions for the world’s largest treasuries, many G20 central banks are moving faster than the investment community?

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