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Certificate in Sustainable Investing and Finance (CSIF)

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Event Summary

This program aims to introduce sustainable investment professionals and intermediaries from the responsible investment space into modern finance and investment practice. The program provides sustainable investment proponents with deeply needed technical and conceptual knowledge of financial markets, and modern methods of financial decision-making such as financial data science, in order to support them in building economically and environmentally meaningful products e.g., green bonds, SRI funds, etc.

Conventional financial theory, as it has been taught and applied over decades, has proved too stylized and unrealistic in its base assumptions to grasp the essence of sustainable finance. Rather than supporting conventional financing, this program is based on truly advanced financial theory, such as behavioural financing, evidence-based financing, and financial data science, as key factors to unlock the potential of sustainability for good investment decisions and ethical financial practices.

Course Dates 2020:
28-29 January | 1st In-class (Frankfurt)
24-25 March | 2nd In-class (London)
11 May | Exam: (Frankfurt) 21-22 July | Project Assessment (Frankfurt)

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