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ESG USA 2012

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Event Summary

Responsible Investor’s 4th Annual ESG USA conference focusing on sustainability in pension fund investment in the USA and globally.
Tuesday 11th December 2012, Bloomberg MPR Auditorium, New York.
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This is the fourth year for’s ‘ESG USA’ conference, the pre-eminent North American investor/corporate gathering on sustainable finance issues.

More than 300 pension funds, asset managers, corporates, advisors and service providers attended ESG USA 2011 link.

Sustainability has become critical to the institutional investment chain. This goes for the asset owner building a long-term investment strategy based on better risk control, the asset manager vying for that business and building their ESG capabilities, and the investee corporate coming under pressure on sustainability issues and expanding their CSR development.

It also covers the increasing advance of regulation around environmental, social and governance issues.

ESG USA is the high-level forum for asset owners, service providers, fund managers, corporate investor relations and CSR professionals to come together to meet, debate and network on these issues.

Our seriously respected programming, targeted discussion and selected roster of speakers gets to the nub of the challenges and questions around ESG and where they fit into the professional responsibilities of conference attendees.

Highlights for ESG USA 2012:

  • Special Asset Owner Morning: Some of the largest and most important US pension plans talk about integrating ESG into investment strategy and appraising the best long-term, risk aware fund managers.
  • Governance: How will 2012’s big AGM issues: Chair/CEO split, say-on-pay, pan out in 2013?
  • Environment: Negotiating the US environmental policy arena: EPA, solar tariffs, ethanol, natural gas, energy efficiency green real estate, infrastructure investing.
  • Social: Is social media and campaigning on issues turning the dial up on corporate reputation risk?
  • Sales & Marketing of ESG
  • Market structure: What are the options for ESG in DC and 401K?
  • Asset classes: Green Real Estate, Private equity
  • Emerging Market risk: A practical look at risk, sustainability and corporate governance in some of the world’s fastest markets
  • The Great Debate: Are corporates from Mars and investors from Venus?

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