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Ethical Finance 2018

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Event Summary

Ethical Finance 2018: Regaining Trust and Demonstrating Impact
October 22nd-23rd | Edinburgh

A gathering of banks, asset managers, faith-related investors, mission-driven endowments, charities and family offices to work together on practical solutions to promote trust in banking and investment and create long-term, sustainable finance solutions.

The Ethical Finance 2018 conference in Edinburgh on October 22/23 captures this duality of purpose: investing for return and social value. The conference will explore how trust in a sustainable economy can be revitalised, and how faith, endowment investors, and asset managers are confronting societal and economic challenges and feeding into the biggest sustainable finance shifts of our time. It will also get into the real detail of what faith and endowment investors are doing to drive sustainable finance, where they are unable to make progress yet and how they might overcome such barriers. Importantly, it will outline where the relationship between investor and finance/investment providers (banks, asset managers) is evolving to enable partnerships for long-term sustainable finance solutions.

Event partners:
UK Islamic Finance Council (UKIFC), RBS, Scottish Government & United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)