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RI Americas 2018

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Event Summary

Wednesday 5th to Thursday 6th December, 2018
New York
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Venue: Convene, 114 West 46th Street link to venue

RI Americas, the continent’s leading sustainable business and finance conference is back for it’s 10th annual conference.
As the world trade system grapples with existential threats and investors respond to turbulent politics, 2018 is a key year for responsible investment in North America. The role of investors in driving long-term value creation and social stability has never been more important.

This year, we are stepping up another gear in terms of the quality of content and speakers, the depth and rigour with which topics will be addressed, and the ‘challenge’ we are posing ourselves for the event: to address, answer and ‘problem solve’ real sustainable finance questions with a view to driving change and action.