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RI Webinar | Debating the Green New Deal as an investor roadmap for the Americas

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Event Summary

As the FT noted in a recent editorial: “The depressing reality about climate change is that we could solve the problem, at manageable cost, but are failing to do so. This failure is due to a mixture of blindness and self-deception.” Could the Green New Deal be a wake up call for North American investors? Join us for a debate on how North American investors are assessing and responding to the ambitious scale of the GND and the global energy transition.

The Green New Deal is full of implications for investors – the plan would require massive investments and the leveraging of new funding for communities affected by climate change; the repairing and upgrading of crumbling infrastructure to withstand extreme weather and ensuring all legislation related to infrastructure address climate change; and a shift in capital away from fossil fuels into renewable power sources; investment in new manufacturing and industrial capacity to spur growth; and the build out of distributed power grids to provide affordable electricity across the continent.

This webinar will consider implications of the Green New Deal for North America’s largest investors, and the risks and opportunities of a strategic approach to climate finance at the continental scale.

Daniel Zarrilli, OneNYC Director and Chief Climate Policy Advisor, NYC Office of the Mayor
Lauren Faber, Chief Sustainability Officer, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, City of Los Angeles
Tanya Müller, President, Commission for Environment and Energy, International Chamber of Commerce Mexico; former Secretary of Environment, Mexico City

Moderator: Paul Verney, Journalist, Responsible Investor

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