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RI Webinar: The unique challenges of integrating ESG for the insurance industry

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Event Summary

Monday 30th April, 2018 | 09:30 EST | 14:30 GMT | 15:30 CET
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How ESG factors are influencing risk assessments: climate change, capital modelling and extreme events

  • How are recent weather-related events, which are being linked to climate change, changing insurance pricing, coverage and market sentiment? Are ‘extreme’ events no longer so extreme?
  • What are the major ESG factors now that are influencing underwriting and capital provision at insurers?
  • Tightening regulation on ESG issues and its impact on the insurance industry.
  • Is the historical data available to utilise ESG factors as a performance predictor or gauge of risk quality?
  • The development of new ESG risk-specific insurance products. Differences in the above trends globally.

Divestment, investment and the move to ESG benchmarking

  • Why are insurers getting on the front foot around divestment in areas such as coal or tobacco?
  • Insurers as investors: how this asset owner sector is shaping its long-term allocations with ESG factors in mind.
  • What are the investment tools insurers are using to do so?

Axel Zehren, CFO, Allianz Investment Management
Michael Bruch, Head of Emerging Trends and the ESG department, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE (AGCS)
Butch Bacani, Programme Leader, UNEP FI Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative
Linda-Eling Lee, Global Head of ESG Research, MSCI
Moderator: Hugh Wheelan, Managing Editor, Responsible Investor

Presented by: Responsible Investor & MSCI