Responsible investors push back against defence industry claims to be included in sustainable strategies.
One in 10 companies has failed to comply with requirements to produce a modern slavery statement.
New report also recommends that when progress is made on one element of ESG, regulation should require companies to show that this does not result in negative impact elsewhere.
The UK government said it won’t mandate ethnicity pay gap reporting as it did with gender pay gap reporting.
Have the outbreak of war, promises of increased government spending on defence, and calls for support from the private sector shifted attitudes to the sector? We asked investors for their views.
Fellow US investors welcome policymaker's efforts to curb the proliferation of the unserialised and untraceable weapons.
As her tenure draws to a close, Sara Thornton talks financial institutions’ role in tackling modern slavery, and why legislation needs to go further.
More Republican senators and congressman, as well as state legislator associations, have pushed back against the inclusion of sustainability considerations.
Bharat Electronics and Elbit Systems are also amongst excluded companies.
The UK investor has kicked off the third iteration of the Votes Against Slavery engagement it leads.

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