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RI Research


RI Research is the research arm of Responsible Investor, investigating knowledge gaps in the ESG and responsible investment market.


ESG - Do you or Don’t you?

RI Research is asking asset owners if the integration of ESG into the investment process mitigates risk, maybe even enhances returns, or is just an irrelevant distraction. 

This global research initiative has already produced an intriguing cohort, comprising over 400 institutional investors from Europe and the Americas, with the majority of respondents coming from the corporate pension space and 60% not being signatories to the UN PRI. For a snapshot of the first results from the European market, visit the project website.

After expanding this project to Asia / Oceania in late 2018, a major report in 2019 will compile the global data and draw conclusions.

In association with UBS Asset Management.

Asset manager selection

This project will focus on asset manager selection, looking at performance attribution in particular.

Coming in 2019.

ESG – Do you or Don’t you?

Visit the project website

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