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Two years after investors representing more than $11 trillion in assets called on six of the largest fast-food companies to mitigate climate and water risks in their meat and dairy supply chains, five of those fast food chains (McDonald’s, Yum! Brands, Chipotle, Domino’s and Wendy’s) have either set, or stated they will set, science-based emission reduction targets (SBTs).
In order to answer the question 'ESG: What do investors really care about & how is it changing in 2021?', Procensus launched a new series of ESG polls in January of this year.
Although the increasing interest in impact investing is encouraging, concerns regarding “greenwashing” remain. For this reason, it is important that general partners and limited partners alike give careful thought as to which tools will best support their impact objectives and align incentives.
The urgency, the underlying trends, and the benefits to your investment portfolioEmerging markets and developing countries are facing many challenges. They are particularly vulnerable to climate change, lacking the financial power to prevent or adequately respond to the impacts of climate change. A dependable and affordable energy supply is crucial to their socio-economic development. Invest with impactAs an investor you play an important role in the worldwide energy transition. Download our strategy paper 'Powerful potential - Financing renewable energy in emerging markets' and learn more about the trends that build a strong business case for investing in renewable energy in emerging countries, from the triple perspective of impact, risk and return.Find out how to best invest in the energy transition and download our paper now.
Tools of Change: 2021 Calvert Engagement Report
Kellogg Company (NYSE: K) 2020 Annual Report
“There are only two industries that call their customers users – illegal drugs and software.” - Edward Tufte
Welcome to the first e-newsletter of Responsible Company the recently launched membership site for ESG content and events tailored to companies, a brand of Responsible Investor.What Responsible Company does:Member companies can publish their sustainability information to investors worldwide via Responsible Investor.We publish subject-based Smart Papers every month designed to outline and problem-solve ESG issues for you: saving you time and resourcesWe bring together the best corporate, investor, service provider and stakeholder speakers on practical webinars to discuss best practice responses to these ESG/sustainability subjectsCheck out Responsible Company’s Events and Content Calendar of forthcoming specialist company-focused ESG webinars and Smart Papers.
In mid-2021 The Blended Capital Group’s ESG Law Advisory Team will publish a report exploring ESG developments across the global legal community. This 16-page briefing flags key trends and findings to date based on a survey of 55 law firms worldwide. The survey will provide the foundation for the report later this year to be launched at an UNCTAD World Investment Forum online event. In summary: ESG has come roaring into the legal world, accelerating since 2018, and many firms are racing to polish their credentials and to position for new ESG business.
This report showcases a wide array of finance instruments that help channel funding into the solutions necessary for the transition to a low-carbon economy. The publication is the result of a joint effort of Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) and its broad and diverse network. Accompanied and guided by a high-level Steering Committee throughout the process, SSF has gathered expertise from practitioners within the Swiss sustainable finance landscape to produce a report with concrete examples of how the financial sector can support the decarbonisation of our society in a variety of ways.

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