Verdantix FTSE 100 Net Zero Emissions Targets Reveal Critical Success Factors


Navigate The Process Of Making A Net Zero Emissions Target

The research addresses the following questions:

  •         What strategies can firms adopt to achieve net zero emissions?
  •         What is the current state of net zero targets amongst FTSE 100 constituents?
  •         What are the critical success factors in making net zero commitments?

Some headline stats within the research:

  •         71% of FTSE 100 firms have set a net zero emissions goal for between 2025 and 2050.
  •         At present, the SBTi has ratified the net zero emissions goals of 35% of FTSE 100 firms, which is less than half of the 71% with a publicly disclosed net zero emissions target.
  •         17% of FTSE 100 constituents plan to achieve net zero emissions within the next 15 years.
  •         Financial data provider S&P Global found that capturing CO2 in environmental projects has the capability to offset less than 50% of current emissions.
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