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The latest developments in ESG-related funds: Ilmarinen switches €17bn to MSCI climate index; Redwheel launches Climate Engagement Fund.
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Fund publishes list of all ESG engagements as it reveals the impact of ethical and risk-based exclusions on returns.
The latest ESG movers and shakers: IFRS appoints Nathan Fabian to advisory council; EFRAG promotes Chiara Del Prete to group chair.
The latest developments in ESG-related funds: NTAM announces natural capital index strategy; Foresight launches sustainable infra fund.
"Washington, DC, USA - October 4, 2012: The United States Securities and Exchange headquarters building located on F Street in Washington, DC. A security guard and other people are present in this photo. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission hold primary responsibility for enforcing federal securities laws."video
Regulatory filings suggest a blockbuster year for ESG rule-making in the US, including action on social issues.
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Passive funds, mainly tracking PABs and CTBs, accounted for a disproportionate amount of those that dropped the Article 9 classification.
The latest developments in ESG-related funds: Amundi launches climate ETF, UK pension funds back sustainable infra.
Investors and industry groups welcome ambition of proposals but submit long list of concerns, alterations and clarifications.
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Proposed guidelines could lead to many Article 8 funds ditching the designation and changing names to avoid restructuring costs.
Some funds investing solely in ESG debt were downgraded last year as other managers take a cautious approach to initial classification.

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