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Dominic started as an Editorial Assistant at RI in 2021. He completed a Masters in Print Journalism in 2020 and is based in South Gloucestershire, England.
Sustainability structuring adviser on both Chile and Uruguay bonds sees pipeline building for 2023.
Meanwhile, GTAG member says it ‘seems impractical’ for UK's taxonomy to be in force by January deadline.
Investors seek returns in ‘all-too-familiar destinations’, says CBI as total green bond issuance hits $2trn.
State claims BlackRock refused to stop exercising its proxy votes following request over ESG voting
Advertising Standards Agency says it expects all banks to follow example of HSBC after banning ad touting $1trn net zero financing commitment
A picture of the G20 Finance Ministers Meeting in Indonesia
Governmental group warns that short-term profitability threats may lead to ‘relaxing’ of long-term pledges.
Climate change from drought to green growth
Ninety One finds large gap between perceived standard of advice on climate-related topics from consultants and asset owners.
Insight Investment questions value of passive green bond funds due to widespread quality issues in the market.
Pension schemes may be put off illiquid investments, harming government ambitions to push investment in green infra and renewables.
Sovereign wealth fund raises $3bn from triple-tranche deal, including 100-year note.

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