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Direct lending – end of the good times?

Direct lending – end of the good times? »

Are times, and returns, changing for investors in the direct lending space?

News analysis: is sustainable finance in Germany ready for take off with next week’s major H4SF summit?

Ten theses will be discussed, which are planned to serve as recommendations to the new government.

The scramble for UK local authority funds to retain their professional investor status

Schemes risk being classed as retail investors under the Mifid II directive

KPMG Sustainability Services’ José Luis Blasco: “Non-financial” is the new financial

HLEGFREE Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change responds to HLEG report

BMO Global Asset Management’s Vicki Bakhshi: Fossil fuels: to divest or not to divest?

Analysis: EU Parliament and Council offer different visions of climate finance ahead of COP23

Julie Gorte: Sustainability-Competent Boards are Risk-Competent Boards