CA Cheuvreux remains top SRI brokerage in Extel awards

Brokerage still top in prestigious awards

CA Cheuvreux, the equity brokerage that’s part of France’s Crédit Agricole Group, has retained its top slot as the leading pan-European brokerage for socially responsible investing (SRI) and sustainability in the Thomson Reuters Extel awards.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch remained second while UBS rose to third, up from fifth last year. Société Générale rose to fourth from sixth while last year’s third-placed HSBC fell slightly to fifth.

Citi fell to sixth from fourth while Oddo Securities, Goldman Sachs and Natixis stayed at seventh, eighth and ninth respectively. CLSA rounded out the top 10.

The awards are based on a survey conducted by the news and data giant of more than 3,000 firms.

Breaking out the SRI and sustainability results, CA Cheuvreux was also named top in terms of Corporate Governance, swapping places with Oddo Securities. Société Générale was third in this category.

For Integrated Climate Change, HSBC ranked top with CA Cheuvreux second and UBS third.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch topped the SRI Long-Term Thematic Research category with UBS second and Société Générale third.

For Renewable Energy the ranking was UBS (1st), Macquarie Securities Group (2nd) and Bank of America Merrill Lynch (3rd).

The new SRI Roadshows category saw CA Cheuvreux in first, Bank of America in second and Oddo third.Sarj Nahal (Bank of America Merrill Lynch) retained top spot as SRI analyst, with colleague Valery Lucas-Leclin in second from third previously. CA Cheuvreux’s Stéphane Voisin was at third, from fifth.

Top corporate governance analyst was named as Robert Walker (CA Cheuvreux) with Oddo’s Jean-Philippe Desmartin and Sébastien Thévoux Chabuel second and third.

HSBC’s Nick Robins was first in Integrated Climate Change Research, with Erwan Créhalet (CA Cheuvreux) and Zoe Knight (HSBC) second and third.

Best long-term thematic analyst was Julie Hudson of UBS, followed by Valery Lucas-Leclin (Bank of America Merrill Lynch) and Yannick Ouaknine (Société Générale).

For renewable energy, top was Robert Schramm (Macquarie) with Jean-Francois Meymandi (UBS) second and Shai Hill (Macquarie) third.

“At Cheuvreux, we believe that financial indicators alone cannot capture the risk profile or revenue potential of companies and that it requires us to incorporate systematically non-financial indicators to fully measure and value any investment risk profile,” said Head of Sustainability Research Voisin.

Cheuvreux, which recently raised investor awareness of the importance of corruption for corporates, points out it is still the only broker in Europe that is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).
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