New York State Comptroller DiNapoli named to Ceres board

Prominent shareholder advocate joins investor coalition

New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli has been elected to the Board of Directors of Ceres, the not-for-profit coalition of investment funds, sustainability organizations and other public interest groups.
DiNapoli is the trustee of the $140.6bn (€98.9bn) New York State Common Retirement Fund, the third-largest US public pension fund. He has been prominent recently in investor engagements with oil major Chevron and on hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”).
“I am honoured to join the board of directors of Ceres,” said DiNapoli. “Their emphasis on corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives is something that I have worked hard to promote among companies in which the New York State Common Retirement Fund invests.”Ceres campaigns on issues including climate change, energy water and supply chains.
DiNapoli’s appointment continues a relationship he has had with Ceres dating back to 2007, when he became a member of the Investor Network on Climate Risk.
He has worked with Ceres on corporate governance initiatives involving energy companies addressing the risks posed by climate change. In 2010, DiNapoli and Ceres joined forces again when they sent a joint letter to 27 major oil and gas companies that asked for a review of the safety of their respective offshore oil drilling operations. He will serve a three-year term as an Investor Director and will be eligible for re-nomination in 2014.Announcement