European Commission seeks climate scenario analysis in €1.4m contract

Request for Proposals issued to ‘inform EU policies’

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Climate Action (DG Clima) has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a climate scenario analysis provider to help it with its policy agenda on climate change.

According to the tender documentation, the Unit, which oversees climate policy including the EU’s long-standing carbon market – the Emissions Trading System (ETS) – is offering an estimated €1.4m for a contract of up to four years, which will “inform the EU’s own policies on climate change, as well as outreach to third countries and international climate negotiations”.

“The contracting authority requires access to state-of-the-art analytical capacity, quantitative analysis and model-derived scenarios on global climate change mitigation action,” the document continues.

This includes an assessment of what action is needed to achieve the Paris Agreement and how that relates to current and future policy; what action has been taken on climate change by different countries and sectors; developments in technologies that mitigate climate change; updates on climate pledges and policies worldwide; and an estimate of the effects of climate action at subnational level, and by non-state actors.The contract, titled Analytical Capacity on International Climate Change Mitigation and Tracking Progress of Action, will start at 24 months and €700k, but can be renewed for a second time on the same terms.

“State-of-the-art analytical capacity, quantitative analysis and model-derived scenarios on global climate change mitigation”

DG Clima – headed by Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete – is one of a number of units at the European Commission that is working on the EU Action Plan on sustainable finance, along with those responsible for financial services, banking, the environment, energy, justice, transport, agriculture and others.

It is not clear whether the models and analysis requested under the new contract would feed in directly to the objectives of the Action Plan, but the Commission’s work on low-carbon benchmarks and green taxonomy rely to varying extents on forward-looking climate projections and data. DG Clima did not respond to a request for comment.

The call for applications closes on July 2.