RI partners with UKIFC for Ethical Finance 2018 conference backed by Scottish Government and UNDP

Event will take place in Edinburgh on October 22-23 with gala dinner at Edinburgh Castle.

RI is delighted to announce that we’re working in partnership with the UKIFC and with the support of the Scottish Government and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on a brand new conference, titled ‘Ethical Finance 2018’ in Edinburgh on October 22-23, hosted by RBS.
The event will include a gala evening dinner at Edinburgh Castle hosted by the Scottish Government.
The programme for the conference and further information can be found on the event site and by clicking for the programme and further info via the Register button.
Regaining Trust and Demonstrating Impact
The aim of the conference is to gather banks, asset managers, faith-related investors, mission-driven endowments, charities and family offices together to look at practical solutions to promote trust in banking and investment and create long-term, sustainable finance solutions.
It will explore how trust in a sustainable economy can be revitalised, and how faith and endowment investors are confronting today’s biggest societal and economic challenges, notably as part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
The conference is part of the “Edinburgh Ethical Finance Festival” taking place from Monday 22nd to Thursday 25th October convening global leaders in ethical finance in Edinburgh to discuss latest trends and developments in the sector and announce exciting new projects. These will include the Edinburgh Declaration, comprising 75 experts representing faith groups, financial practitioners and senior parliamentarians for an interfaith Shared Values Framework to underpin the development of financial solutions open to all in society regardless of faith or ethnic background. Alongside the mammoth financial assets of banks and fund managers, faith organisations are estimated to represent both directly and indirectly assets of some $7 trillion worldwide. That jumps to $13trn when you add in charities, endowments and philanthropic entities, making them both among the world’s largest investor groups.Both groups are long-term holders of assets, invest with a strong ethical/goals-based foundation and use their money to solve societal problems and help improve the world by working with banks and investment companies. Trust in the values and culture of financial institutions and financial markets themselves are paramount for the future sustainability of capitalism. They are crucial to encouraging saving and promoting durable economic growth.
But this trust still needs to be built on and further embedded ten years on from the Global Financial Crisis that brought the world’s economies to the brink of collapse. Banks and investors working on their own values and principles, and in tandem with regulators and governments on responsible ‘rules of the road’ will be key to this.
As will the backing of some of the world’s most prominent asset owners and asset managers, which from a finance and ‘purpose’ perspective are intrinsically linked to the promotion of trust and values in finance.
The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has introduced a framework against which faith and endowment investors can align their investments positively. In addition, faith and endowment investors are among the leaders in the promotion of Blended Capital, the large-scale mobilisation of public and private capital for the social impact that is sorely needed to help solve some of the world’s deepest social and environmental challenges.
The question now is how to do so, and maintain/promote sustainable economic growth. The Ethical Finance 2018 conference in Edinburgh on October 22/23 captures this duality of purpose: investing for return and social value. It will also get into the real detail of what banks, fund managers, faith and endowment investors are doing to drive sustainable finance, where they are unable to make progress yet and how they might overcome such barriers. Importantly, it will outline where the relationship between investor and finance/investment providers is evolving to enable partnerships for long-term sustainable finance solutions.

Click the link to visit the Ethical Finance 2018 event site