Fid-who-ciary duty? Responsible Investor’s Christmas Quiz

Can you guess which statements were made by ESG practitioners, and which were made by its detractors? Answers on a postcard.

Over the course of Responsible Investor‘s reporting on the growing backlash against ESG in the US this year, we have noticed that both sides seem to be using much the same language surrounding fiduciary duty and providing the best financial returns to beneficiaries.

Whether it’s Texan municipalities facing increased costs of capital because they’re banned from doing business with their arranging banks, or natural resource companies being denied loans because their CEO refused to tweet his support for the Paris Agreement (as was claimed in a recent Texas Senate committee meeting), both sides claim they are the ones trying to protect markets, businesses and beneficiaries from harm.

With this in mind, and in the spirit of the season, we invite RI subscribers to try our light-hearted Christmas Quiz. Which of the following statements were sent out by proponents of ESG, and which were issued by its detractors?

We spent too much money on cupcakes with our logo on for RI Europe so are unable to offer a cash prize, but please do let us know how you did.

Merry Christmas from the RI Team!

Please note that not every event referenced in an incorrect answer actually took place.