French pension reserve fund executive director, Antoine de Salins, leaves to join Groupama

UN PRI board member to join Groupama Asset Management as CIO

Antoine de Salins, executive director at France’s €35bn French pensions reserve fund FRR and a senior figure in responsible investment, is to join Groupama Asset Management as Chief Investment Officer.
De Salins, who sits on the board of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), will join Groupama on February 7.
The FRR has been one of the world’s most prominent responsible investors – it’s almost doubled the volume of its assets to 85% in the last four years that are subject to research integration on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.
“Antoine de Salins’ professionalism, concern for transparency and desire to promote responsible investment in a very concrete way have, throughout his eight years’ service, been keenly and unanimously appreciated,” said Raoul Briet, Chairman of the FRR’s Supervisory Board.De Salins’ departure comes as the government is initiating an early wind down of the FRR to cover France’s social security debt. De Salins, appointed to the FRR’s Executive Board when it was established in 2003, has said the FRR would maintain its renowned responsible investment policy despite this.
Before joining the FRR, de Salins held various positions at the French Treasury. He is a graduate of Institute of Political Studies and the National School of Administration.
Groupama AM, part of the French mutual insurance company, bank and financial services firm, is itself a signatory to the UN PRI and has set up an Ethics and Sustainable Development Department which reports to the group’s corporate secretary.
Last year Groupama AM was among three managers appointed by AG2R La Mondiale to run ESG-based fixed income mandates. Announcement