Tool to map relationships between companies and directors launched by GMI

Global LeaderBoard unveiled by research firm

A new tool that aims to map the relationships between companies and their directors has been launched by environmental, social and governance (ESG) research firm GMI Ratings.

GMI, which runs the Diverse Director DataSource board member clearinghouse system commissioned by US pension fund giants CalPERS and CalSTRS, says the new Global LeaderBoard offering allows users to explore relationship patterns.

It can “deepen the analysis of corporate governance practices and issuer risk” and covers more than 370,000 directors and 270,000 company officials at 70,000 firms worldwide.

Users can screen the director database using multiple criteria and identify “corporate interlocks” – where directors serve on multiple boards. They can also identify director connections across multiple boards and affiliations.GMI says the tool will “uncover degrees of separation between two known individuals and research relationship pathways for potential conflicts – or opportunities”.

“Global LeaderBoard represents a natural extension of GMI Ratings’ data and research focused on governance and other novel measures of corporate character,” said Ric Marshall, GMI’s Chief Analyst and Director of Development.

GMI is holding a webinar on the new offering tomorrow (December 6).

GMI Ratings was formed in 2010 through the merger of GovernanceMetrics International, The Corporate Library and Audit Integrity. Last month it released its second “Black Swan Risk List”, identifying 40 North American companies with the highest risk of major drops in share prices within the next six months.