SURVEY: Is everyone in the financial sector on board with the need for urgent climate action?

Ahead of Earth Day, we want to hear about your experience of getting the climate message out to bankers, asset managers and asset owners.

Earth Day 2022 is fast approaching and the team at RI are lining up some exciting coverage to mark the event.

As part of this, we would like to ask you, our readers, a few questions.

We’re sure that all of you are convinced of the need for urgent action on climate. However, we hear worrying reports that, despite all the high-minded talk, there are still senior people in financial organisations who are indifferent to, or even sceptical of, the risks posed by global warming.

In theory, a huge chunk of the global financial sector is signed up to net zero. In practice – well, you tell us. Are you still fighting an uphill battle against colleagues and managers who are obsessed with the bottom line, blind to climate risk, or worse, don’t believe in it?

If so, are you worried that these bad apples could delay or prevent effective climate action? Or is there now sufficient momentum behind the decarbonization movement to override the naysayers?

To get a better understanding of the situation, we’d like to ask you to take part in a short survey. Obviously we appreciate that this is a very sensitive issue, so the survey is completely anonymised.

The more responses we can get, the more valuable the data will be, so please feel free to share it. The survey is not behind RI’s paywall.

Finally, if you would like to talk about any these issues in more detail, on the record or on background, please email us at All communications are confidential.

We will publish the results of the survey on Earth Day, Friday 22 April.