Investor groups write to Olympics chief over trafficking guidelines

Letter to International Olympic Committee President

A group of investors and faith groups has written to Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympics Committee (IOC) calling for formal anti-trafficking guidelines for its business partners.

The correspondence comes just ahead of the start of the London Games.

The group includes the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, Christian Brothers Investment Services, the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility and campaign group Fair Pensions.

Olympic officials had responded to an earlier letter from them which pointed to the IOC’s role in forming the Global Reporting Initiative’s Event Organisers Sector Supplement.

“While we wholeheartedly endorse GRI reporting, your response falls short of our proposal that the IOC use their unique platform to draw global attention to this critical issue,” the letter states.

Such guidelines would include the adoption of a policy prohibiting trafficking and slavery, conducting assessments of actual and potential human trafficking risks, the integration of assessments into oversight and monitoring programs, and staff training.“Our request reflects the realities of the marketplace, which increasingly require that companies be sensitive to human rights issues.”

The letter says many Olympic sponsors are already taking steps to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their direct supply chains and are working towards greater disclosure.

“Your response falls short of our proposal”

The group’s ‘Celebration without Exploitation’ campaign has already seen positive responses from almost all the 19 Olympic sponsors contacted.

“Leading companies we engage are already recognizing the importance of addressing slavery and trafficking risks in their supply chains,” they say.

“A formal policy issued by an organization with the IOC’s global stature and influence would help immeasurably to move this important agenda forward.” They add they would be happy to organize face‐to‐face meetings. Link