RI Round-up: Key ESG shareholder proposals at US AGMs

A look at some of the most important environmental, social and governance (ESG) resolutions at forthcoming US shareholder meetings, in chronological order. We will update it as the proxy season progresses.

General Electric, April 27, Salt Lake City: Proposal on Climate Change Risk Disclosure from the National Center for Public Policy Research. Other shareholder proposals cover cumulative voting, future stock options, executive stock options and transparency in animal research. Proxy

Ball Corp., April 27, Broomfield, Colorado: California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) “poison pill” proposal. This has been supported by both ISS and Glass Lewis. Proxy

Coca-Cola Co., April 27, Atlanta: Domini Social Investments has tabled a proposal calling on the drinks firm to publish a report by September 1 on its use of Bisphenol A, “a potentially hazardous chemical”. Proxy

Pfizer, April 28, Dallas: A shareholder resolution on “price restraint on branded pharmaceuticals” has been tabled by Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth. Also potential “no” votes on pay structure. Proxy

Johnson & Johnson, April 28, New Jersey: The Sisters of Charity are seeking “a policy of price restraint on branded pharmaceuticals”. Also potential “no” votes on pay structure. Proxy

AT&T, April 29, Little Rock, Arkansas: Shareholder resolutions on political contributions, special shareowner meetings and shareholder action by written consent. Proxy

Kellogg Co., April 29, Michigan: There’s a shareholder proposal calling for directors to be elected by majority vote. Proxy

Berkshire Hathaway, April 30, Omaha, Nebraska: Private shareholder Emily Coward wants Warren Buffett’s firm to “establish quantitative goals for the reduction of greenhouse gas and other air emissions at its energy-generating holdings”. Proxy

Boeing, May 2, Illinois: The Sheet Metal Workers’ National Pension Fund is calling for an independent chairman. Other shareholder proposals cover supply chain monitoring and political activity. Proxy*Motorola Solutions, May 2, Washington, DC:* The Presbyterian Church and others are requesting the board to amend its human rights policies to with international norms. Proxy

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., May 3, New Jersey: The Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility has put down a motion call for “price restraint on branded pharmaceuticals”. Proxy

PepsiCo, May 4, Plano, Texas: Walden Asset Management has tabled a proposal on political contributions. Proxy

TECO Energy, May 4 Tampa, Florida: The NY City Comptroller is calling on the company to “amend its written equal employment opportunity policy to explicitly prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity”. Proxy

Duke Energy, May 5, Charlotte: Two sustainability-related proposals, on global warming lobbying and the continued reliance on coal. There’s also a request for majority voting for directors. Proxy

Goldman Sachs, May 5, New Jersey: Domini Social Investments is seeking a report disclosing the company’s political and trade association expenditures. Among other proposals are measures on climate change (a resolution lodged by the conservative National Centre for Public Policy Research is requesting a report on the business case for climate change risk) and executive pay. Proxy

Verizon, May 5, Indianapolis: The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ Pension Benefit Fund seeks cumulative voting in the contested election of directors. Proxy

Reynolds American, May 6, Winston-Salem, North Carolina: The tobacco giant is facing a shareholder proposal calling on it to commit to basic worker rights and supply chain monitoring. Proxy