Latin American awards recognise regional SRI leaders in institutional investment

Awards, now in their third year, cover Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

The third edition of the ALAS20 awards, a Spanish acronym that stands for Sustainable Leaders’ 2020 Agenda, distinguished Latin American institutional investors and individual leaders in the SRI area of five countries: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Organised by a Santiago, Chile-based think tank called Governart, the ALAS20 awards originated in Chile three years ago, a year later the fastest growing Latin American economies Colombia and Peru joined, followed by Brazil and Mexico in 2016.

As well as companies, ALAS20 recognise the work of responsible investment houses in Latin America with four institutional categories and additional accolades granted to individual leaders at C-suite or boardroom levels of SRI investors.

For each country there is one overall “Best Institutional Investor” category and three others identifying “Leaders” in the following themes: SRI, Corporate Governance and research and development of SRI.

In Brazil and Chile, Itaú Asset Management gagged several awards, including the overall “Best Institutional Investor” in both countries.

BBVA Bancomer dominated in Mexico winning in three categories as did AFP Integra in Peru, while Colombian pension fund Protección stood out from other participants.

A full list of ALAS20 award winners is available here.Brazil

Best Institutional Investor: Itaú Asset Management
Leaders by theme:
SRI – Bradesco Asset Management
Corporate Governance – Itaú Asset Management
SRI R&D – Itaú Asset Management

Individual leaders:
Luciane Ribeiro, Santander Brasil Asset Management
Paulo Roberto Lopes Ricci, Previ

Best Institutional Investor: Itaú Chile AGF
Leaders by theme:
SRI – Amundi
Corporate Governance – AFP Provida
SRI R&D – Itaú Chile AGF

Individual leaders:
Pablo Echeverría, Moneda AGF

Best Institutional Investor: Protección
Leaders by theme:
SRI – Protección
Corporate Governance – Porvenir
SRI R&D – none
Individual leaders:
María Susana Montero Pinilla, CorpBanca Investment Trust

Best Institutional Investor: BBVA Bancomer Gestión
SRIBBVA Bancomer Gestión
Corporate Governance – none
SRI R&D – none

Individual leaders:
Jaime Nicolás Lázaro Ruiz, BBVA Bancomer Gestión
Carlos Hank González, Grupo Banorte

Best Institutional InvestorAFP Integra
SRIAFP Integra
Corporate Governance – Fondos Sura
SRI R&D – Andino AM
Individual leaders:
Rafael Buckley, Fondos Sura
María Jesús Hume Hurtado, AFP Integra