PRI membership doubles in one year to hit $14 trillion as signatories meet in Seoul

Membership reaches 381 of the world’s largest asset owners and managers – double last year’s figure.

The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), today announced at its annual meeting in Seoul, South Korea, that membership numbers had more than doubled in 2008 to 381 members with assets of more than $14 trillion. The number of asset owners (pension funds, insurance companies, foundations) signing up to the PRI’s six principles for integrating environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) into investment rose by 31% over the year.
Importantly, the PRI said that 32% of PRI signatories now indicated that they would be revisiting their contracts with service providers in light of their signing of the PRI, suggesting that increasing numbers of investors could start pushing investment consultants and asset managers to be PRI compliant.
Pension funds, including the UK London Pension FundAuthority, have already indicated that they could make PRI compliance part of their manager selection process.
Over three quarters of PRI signatories (76%) say they now talk with regulators and policy makers regarding ESG issues – one of the key principles of the PRI.
And 70% of signatories say they now also ask companies they invest in to produce standardised reporting on ESG factors, which would include carbon emission levels and environmental policies.
The UNPRI Clearing House, the private investor collaboration site, is also proving to be an increasingly potent way for investors to lobby companies on ESG policy issues. Almost half of the PRI signatories say they now use the Clearing House with a further 26% of asset managers and 13% of asset owners saying they will do so for the first time this year.
Download the UN PRI Report on Progress here.