Final round up of PRI Advisory Council candidate manifestos

Voting will close on 19 November and the results will be announced in the week commencing 24 November.

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Responsible Investor has been presenting the candidates for open election to the PRI Advisory Council, the body that provides the ultimate oversight of the United Nations-supported PRI Initiative and empowers the PRI Association board of directors to provide fiduciary and legal oversight and for the Secretariat to implement the PRI Initiative.
A final review of the candidate manifestos is below with the links to each:

Non-asset owner positions
There are 4 candidates for 1 OPEN position:

As a result, the candidates are elected unchallenged.
They are:

  • Mark Chaloner, Assistant Director (Investments), West Midlands Pension Fund
  • Priya Mathur, Board Member, CalPERS

If you have a question for the 2014 pool of candidates, you can write to and see the candidate responses on the PRI website.

The full outline information of the 16-strong PRI Advisory Council along with candidate eligibility rules, voting procedures, and automatic qualifications/unfilled positions, etc., can be found on the PRI website