RI/IPE global survey of SRI opens for investors

Ground-breaking joint research to show investor allocations to emerging asset classes such as renewable energy and incorporation of extra-financial factors into research.

Responsible Investor and Investment & Pensions Europe Magazine (IPE) have now launched RI Landscape 2008, one of the widest ever global surveys of institutional investors and asset managers to find out how they are integrating environmental, social and governance issues (ESG).
The asset owners survey aimed at pension funds and foundations is currently on-line and has been sent out to an extensive list of funds worldwide. Investors seeking access to the online survey can contact Tony Hay, publisher of Responsible Investor. (see details below)
The consideration of ESG in investing is one of today’s hottest institutional topics. The ground-breaking joint research into the responsible investment landscape aims to show, for example, to what extent investors are allocating to emerging asset classes such as renewable energy or incorporating extra-financial factors into their research. For the first time, asset owners and fund managers will be listed according to commitments to responsible investment. The survey will draw distinctions between responsible investment approaches based on negative screening of companies, weighted screening, engagement, integration of ESG into investment decisions, and pure-play mandates such as allocations to clean energy and water funds.
The survey is aimed as much at investors who don’t use responsible investment approaches as those who do, as it seeks to identify what the current market barriers are. The findings will be drawn together in two comprehensive reports: one for asset owners published in May, 2008 and one for asset managers published the following month.The format for these reports is unique, incorporating aggregated analysis of investment levels by type of institution, region and asset class, plus the findings of a high-level round-table discussion involving investors, consultants and fund managers on the data, held in advance of publication. The findings will be accompanied by commentary and analysis and the data will also be published in Excel format. The reports will be issued via both print and web distribution through Responsible-Investor.com, Investment & Pensions Europe magazine as a special supplements and IPE.com. The survey asks primarily single answer questions and is designed to be easy to complete with automatic saving on answers so respondents can return to it at any time.
For access to the online survey, a copy of the questionnaire or further information, please contact: Tony Hay, Publisher, Responsible Investor, Office: +44 20 8682 3638, Mobile: + 44 7887 683025, tony@responsible-investor.com