RI People & Appointments, August 8: FSB Task Force, First State Super, EY, South Pole

A round-up of the latest ESG movers and shakers

Robert Rosenberg, Manager in EY’s EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India & Africa) Financial Services Corporate Sustainability Team, is poised to take up a new role at environmental services provider South Pole as a Senior Consultant for Financial Services. Starting in mid-September, Rosenberg will consult on sustainability issues, focusing on areas such as how to work with clients to account for climate change risks and opportunities in their portfolios.

The Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosure has added a new member to its ‘data preparers’ group. Neil Hawkins is chief sustainability officer and corporate vice president for environment, health and safety at the Dow Chemical Company. He headed up the development of the firm’s sustainability goals, which the Task Force claims “have the potential to redefine the role of business in sustainable development”. He was appointed as the first business representative to the High Level Group of the GEO-6 global environment assessment by the UN’s Environmental Programme.

The Director General of the Institute of Directors (IOD), Simon Walker, will step down from his position at the end of the year to take up chairmanship of the Global Network of Director Institutes (GNDI), a body that represents more than 100,000 directors around the world. A critic of spiralling executive pay and recent corporate governance failures at BHS and Sports Direct, Walker’s first engagements in his new role will be to chair the GNDI’s upcoming meetings in London and Johannesburg.

Keith Williams, former CFO, CEO and executive chairman at British Airways (BA), is set to join the board at Aviva as an independent, non-executive director. Williams, who also worked in a number of roles at Colman, Apple Computers and Boots prior to his time at BA, currently serves as the non-executive Deputy Chairman at British retailer John Lewis and a non-executive director for Transport for London. He will also sit on the insurer’s board audit, governance and nomination committees.

KPMG UK’s head of sustainability services, Vincent Neate, has joined the board of Social Value UK – a network to promote the accounting, measuring and management of ‘social value’ with a view to “decreasing inequality and environmental degradation”. The organisation provides training and assurance services, as well as coordinating events. Neate has headed KPMG’s UK sustainability operations since 2010.Carbon Tracker is looking for a North American Director to lead the London-based NGO’s engagement activities in the US and Canada. Tasked with helping North American capital market practitioners understand climate risk and how it might affect the financial health of the energy sector and other industries, the new member of staff would be based in New York and is expected to be an “experienced financial market professional” with strong ties to Wall Street. Carbon Tracker is also seeking a Head of Institutional Engagement and Outreach to promote its research to “decision-makers in the capital markets” in the UK and Europe.

A team is being sought to manage a new $500m renewables fund. The fund has been established by a consortium of unnamed Chinese investors, including two state banks and a major Chinese renewables company. The fund will be managed out of London, and will focus on European renewables assets – particularly those in Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe. Currently, an investment director is being sought.

Richard Brandweiner is reportedly leaving his role as chief investment officer at First State Super to join global impact investment firm Leapfrog Investments, as a partner. He will be responsible for developing new products for institutional investors. Brandweiner, who has been with First State Super since 2013, will join Leapfrog in January 2017. Damian Graham, chief investment officer of the recently acquired StatePlus, will become acting chief investment officer at First State Super.

Robin Powell, a former TV reporter, producer and presenter for Sky News, ITV and the BBC, has joined the Transparency Task Force (TTF) to campaign for transparency on the costs and charges levied by asset managers. Powell is also the founder of the responsible investment blog Evidence-Based Investor, and said on his appointment to the Andy Agathangelou-led initiative that better transparency “is necessary to win the trust of the public”. He added: “Only when investors can clearly see how much they’re paying can they make a meaningful judgement on the value, or lack of it, they receive.”