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ClearBridge’s ESG mission for over 30 years has been to continually improve the integration of our ESG analysis into fundamental research and portfolio construction, as well as use engagements with companies and proxy voting to drive positive change and reduce risks. That change includes the promotion of social equality and the economic equality that supports social equality, as well as responsible environmental and governance practices.

Stay-at-home orders have not reduced our contact with portfolio companies in 2020 — in fact, we have increased our engagements. Given there is currently very little disclosure by most companies on racial diversity, to scope out innovative practices our analysts have been reaching out to companies in our coverage that we consider best-in-class in sustainability and asking them how they are thinking of diversity as a key component of a strong human capital pipeline. Our approach has focused on gathering information in the service of three main goals: 1) spurring managements to think about racial diversity; 2) motivating companies to track diversity by candidly assessing their company’s workforce profile and to be transparent about it externally; and 3) sharing insights, such as the value of informal networks within a company, in which mentorships or other internal structures increase visibility, experience and opportunity for minority groups.

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