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Impact Cubed is a specialist provider of sustainability impact analytics. Our mission is to enable smart allocation of capital for a flourishing planet. We do this by assisting investors in measuring and managing the impact of their portfolios in terms of sustainable development and alignment with the UN SDGs.

Our flagship product is the Portfolio Impact Footprint, a flexible, all-round impact reporting solution for any portfolio, from the concentrated themed fund to an asset owner’s total portfolio across multiple managers and thousands of securities.

The methodology was developed over several years in partnership with the investment community (via over 10 investor workshops across 3 continents) and academics to be a holistic framework for assessing sustainability and impact, based on our shared understanding of these concepts to date and with a firm commitment to objectivity and transparency.

Impact Cubed’s issuer level database that feeds into the portfolio analytics is available independently from the reporting solution, and covers any listed company on demand, with consistent time-series.

We develop quality tools and data that adhere to principles of objectivity and transparency, and allow our users a wide array of customisation from the default deliverable to reflect their individual approaches and needs.