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Paris Climate Conference 2015… Are We There Yet?

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Are you confused about what the Paris Climate Conference actually means to us as Panvestors? Today in our inaugural podcast series with our Stewards of Purpose, our sustainability analyst Tayef Quader speaks to Ms Melissa Low, a Research Fellow at the Energy Studies Institute at the National University of Singapore about climate change negotiations, how these negotiations actually take place and what are some of the implications for companies in the future. In this podcast series, we aim to introduce to you our Stewards of Purpose who are not only subject matter experts on the four forms of capital we target (Human, Social, Environmental and Financial), but also help us stay true to our mission of Panvesting. We aim to share with you their objective opinions and viewpoints on various global sustainability issues and how they may relate to companies. Melissa Low has been representing Singapore at global climate negotiations for a number of years now and shares with us her first-hand insights on where they are headed.

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