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Research and White Paper

Better integration of social indicators can help to identify more resilient and profitable investment opportunities, and de-risk investments.

Social considerations in sustainable investing are often dismissed as either immaterial or less of a priority, because of the belief that they present a lower risk to revenue streams or are less likely to be subject to regulatory action or punitive measures.

This perspective is misleading and needs to be challenged.

This white paper, launched in partnership with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Eco-Age, the International Sustainable Finance Centre, The Mekong Club, the Principles for Responsible Investment – an observer participant – and White & Case (The Working Group),  aims to debunk five common myths related to the "S" in ESG and provide practical ways to improve social metrics in investment analysis.

Access the full paper to learn how to:

  • Use existing resources to improve your understanding of social performance.
  • Identify the right type of data to support your social indicators.
  • Combine data-driven input and qualitative analysis for better due diligence and engagement.
  • De-risk investments by integrating social metrics.
  • Apply the “S” indicators to identify more resilient and profitable investment opportunities.
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