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Responsible Investor in partnership with MSCI

The SDGs define the goalposts for delivering global sustainable development by 2030. Institutional investors have a key role to play in the final decade of action to address each of the 17 ambitious global goals. In this interactive webinar, you will hear from policy, intergovernmental, and institutional investor experts who are working to accelerate adoption of the SDGs in the investment process.

1. Reduce negative impact by shifting capital away from business activities, strategy and operational involvement not aligned with achieving the SDGs
2. Increase positive impact by shifting capital towards companies that provide products & services that serve needs defined by the SDGs
3. Promote improvement by shifting capital toward companies that improve operations, develop long-term & forward-looking strategy, and report on progress

This webinar explores:
– Whether the SDGs serve as a framework for aligning portfolios to address global sustainable development and identify opportunities?
– How SDG alignment can be assessed, managed and reported on across the 17 goals?
– What new tools are bringing increased sophistication to the impact investing process?

Olga Emelianova,Head of ESG Research, North America, MSCI
Paul Horrocks, Head of Unit for Private Finance for Sustainable Development, OECD
Mathieu Verougstraete, Economic Affairs Officer, Financing for Sustainable Development Office, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations
Lisa Beauvilan, Executive Director, Head of Sustainability & ESG, Impax Asset Management

CATEGORIES: Thematic Investing: SDGs