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Responsible Investor in partnership with Carbon Tracker Initiative

Powering Down Coal & Gas: an RI webinar presenting Carbon Tracker’s Spring 2020 updates of their global 'Powering Down Coal' report and a preview of their analysis on the gas power utilities..

One expert speaker, a specialist moderator, and your questions answered!

Heading into COP26, Carbon Tracker is releasing a series of updates on their Powering Down Coal report alongside new analysis on unabated gas in the global energy system and associated stranded assets risk. The coal research reviews the nominal and relative competitiveness of coal power generation, as well as the cost to replace and retire coal-fired capacity globally. The updates draw on data and analytics from Carbon Tracker’s Global Coal Power Economics Model (GPEM), a techno-economic simulation model which tracks ~95% of operating, under-construction and planned coal capacity at boiler-level.

A G20 country case study on the phase-out of unabated gas by 2050 will be discussed alongside updates on Carbon Tracker's research schedule on stranded assets risks in global gas markets.

Carbon Tracker will examine the headline data from these updates and consider implications for global energy investors through the 2020s.

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