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RI-TV: Free to View

All of the RI-TV episodes listed below are free to view, simply click on the links to play the content.

RI-TV: Episode Eighty Five

Sustainable Finance: A closer look at the fastest melting glacier in the world

Nordea's Sasja Beslik visited the Jakobshavn Glacier to get a closer look at the fastest melting glacier in the world.

RI-TV: Episode Eighty Four

RI Americas 2016 - Spotlight plenary: US endowment funds

How are the big US endowment funds assessing divest/invest campaigns and thinking about ESG integration?

RI-TV: Episode Eighty Three

RI Americas 2016 - Plenary: Researching, assessing and applying climate and environmental data in investment

• Verifying corporate emissions data and using it for investments: why and how?
• Carbon footprinting and reporting: to what end? Is it good enough?
• Low carbon investment strategies and approaches

RI-TV: Episode Eighty Two

Climate change presents unique opportunities as well as a threat

The Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, the G20, and the future of corporate and investor financial accounting./p>

RI-TV: Episode Eighty One

RI Americas 2016 - The elevator pitch: The leading edge of ESG research and themes, and how this is translating into investment

Four x 10 minute presentations: quick fire Q&A
• Themes: Food security/safety. Private equity (agriculture, farming). Water/drought. Technology/sustainability.
• New products: indices, passive, ETFs, smart beta, sustainable real estate, green infra

RI-TV: Episode Eighty

RI Americas 2016 - Plenary: The impact/output of investment

• What's driving the change?
• Investor differentiation and investee expectations.
• Rebuilding trust in financial markets, encouraging retirement saving.
• Reporting across asset classes: equities/bonds/property/alternatives: differences and similarities.

RI-TV: Episode Seventy Nine

RI Americas 2016 - The Great Debate: ESG ratings/rankings for funds and managers

Two debating teams lay out their arguments over the future of ESG ratings and reporting

RI-TV: Episode Seventy Eight

RI Americas 2016 - Plenary: Impact: the new philanthropy, or a wholly different way of marrying returns with outcomes in institutional investment?

How are major foundations really starting to align their investment strategies?

RI-TV: Episode Seventy Seven

RI Americas 2016 - Plenary: The authentic investor: values, leadership and culture in investment institutions

• How can we nurture greater alignment between our personal values, our organisations and the financial system as a whole?
• How can leaders in the investment industry set the tone and create a culture that supports people to be true to their values?

RI-TV: Episode Seventy Six

RI Americas 2016 - Plenary: The reality of ESG integration across asset classes

• What does effective ESG integration look like?
• How are institutional investors approaching this? What are the challenges?
• What's the real take up of RI/ESG in institutional investment in the Americas, and how could the Department of Labor ERISA guidance change the game?

RI-TV: Episode Seventy Five

RI Americas 2016 - Keynote Interview with Sarah Keohane Williamson

How can investors and companies move away from short-term, value-destroying behaviour to long-term value creation?

RI-TV: Episode Seventy Four

RI Americas 2016 - Plenary: Aligning investment Strategies with the 2°C target

• What regulatory/policy action has been taken since COP21 and what should investors know? Developments at the G20.
• How can investors align investment portfolios across asset classes to stay below the 2°C target, and why should they?
• Reviewing green investment opportunities again

RI-TV: Episode Seventy Three

RI Americas 2016 - Keynote Interview with Pete Grannis

• What was new at COP22?
• How is the New York State Common Retirement Fund's low carbon index fund with Goldman Sachs developing?
• What might the US election result mean for the future of sustainable investment and green finance in the US?

RI-TV: Episode Seventy Two

RI Americas 2016 - Welcome Address

Welcome address to the RI Americas 2016 conference held on 6-7 December in New York City, by Lenora Suki, Head of Sustainable Finance Product Strategy, Bloomberg

RI-TV: Episode Seventy One

Climate change presents unique opportunities as well as a threat

Philippe Desfossés discusses ERAFP's pioneering adoption of SRI policies and the unique opportunities presented by climate change.

RI-TV: Episode Seventy

Rising interest in ESG integration from retail investors

Greg Hazevlat of Pax World on disclosure, transparency and the rising interest in ESG integration from Pax's customers.

RI-TV: Episode Sixty Nine

Turning faith into investment returns

Christian values underpin the rigour of the investment process at the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church.

RI-TV: Episode Sixty Eight

Cultural change is key to ESG integration

ACSI's CEO says integrating ESG into the investment process requires cultural change and leadership from the top.

RI-TV: Episode Sixty Seven

The road ahead for climate disclosure

Jane Ambachtsheer outlines the work of the Financial Stability Board's Taskforce for Climate Related Financial Disclosures.

RI-TV: Episode Sixty Six

The elephant in the responsible investment room? People!

Rob Lake argues that the integration of ESG into investment processes is about change management.

RI-TV: Episode Sixty Five

Family offices seek to match returns with values

Family offices are demanding sustainable investment that matches their values as well as their investment needs.

RI-TV: Episode Sixty Four

Dialogue with external stakeholders is important to ESG efforts

For Allianz, dialogue with external stakeholders has been a very important part of our ESG efforts.

RI-TV: Episode Sixty Three

Demand for high quality and deeper ESG data is increasing.

Oekom believes that demand for high quality and deeper ESG data is increasing.

RI-TV: Episode Sixty Two

Benchmarking inverts risk and returns

Paul Woolley says benchmarking creates an Alice in Wonderland effect, inverting investment risks and returns for high and low risk assets.

RI-TV: Episode Sixty One

It's about funding AND the planet

For pension funds like ABP, it's not just about funding levels; they are also really concerned about the planet.

RI-TV: Episode Sixty

ESG information is an addition to the investment toolkit

Sustainalytics is working more with mainstream investors who see ESG information as an additional signal - an addition to their investment toolkit.

RI-TV: Episode Fifty Nine

NY State Comptroller - Thomas DiNapoli

Vibeka Mair, Senior Reporter at RI, talks to New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, who oversees the $184.5bn Common Retirement Fund about the fund's evolving approach to climate change as an investment theme including its recent $2bn commitment to a low carbon index with Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

RI-TV: Episode Fifty Eight

PensionDanmark - Jens-Christian Stougaard

Vibeka Mair, Senior Reporter at RI, talks to Jens-Christian Stougaard, Director at PensionDanmark, the US$30bn Danish Labor Market Pension Fund, about topics including its significant commitments to renewables: 10% of its portfolio dedicated to direct investment in the sectors - a capacity of 2.4 gigawatts.

RI-TV: Episode Fifty Seven

AXA Deputy CEO - Denis Duverne

Vibeka Mair, Senior Reporter at RI, talks to Denis Duverne, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at AXA Group, one of the world's largest insurers, about environmental investment topics including its commitment to issue $3bn in green bonds.

RI-TV: Episode Fifty Six

RI Europe 2015 conference: Keynote address

Cherie Blair, CBE, QC, Chair, Omnia Strategy

RI-TV: Episode Fifty Five

RI Europe 2015 conference: Keynote address

John Hewson, Former Leader, Liberal Party of Australia, Chair, Asset Owners Disclosure Project

RI-TV: Episode Fifty Four

RI Europe 2015 conference: Keynote presentation: The Case for Forceful Stewardship

Howard Covington, Founder and Former Chief Executive Officer, New Star Asset Management Chairman, Isaac Newston Institute for Mathematical Sciences at University of Cambridge, Trustee, ClientEarth

Raj Thamotheram, Chief Executive, Preventable Surprises; Visiting Fellow at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at Oxford University

RI-TV: Episode Fifty Three

RI Europe 2015 conference: Keynote interview: The Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return (FAIRR) Initiative

Jeremy Coller, CIO, Coller Capital, Founder, FAIRR

RI-TV: Episode Fifty Two

RI Europe 2015 conference: Keynote address

Per Bolund, Swedish Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs

RI-TV: Episode Fifty One

Increasing sophistication of clients around sustainable investing

Michael Baldinger, CEO, RobecoSAM

RI-TV: Episode Fifty

Asset managers now recognise that ESG matters

Anne Simpson, Director of Global Governance, CalPERS

RI-TV: Episode Forty Nine

RI discussion has moved on to the practicalities of adding value

Michael Jantzi, Chief Executive Officer, Sustainalytics

RI-TV: Episode Forty Eight

Reducing poverty through sustainable investment

Anna Ryott, Managing Director, Swedfund International

RI-TV: Episode Forty Seven

The emergent theme of big data in ESG

Pierin Menzli, Head Sustainable Investment Research, Bank J Safra Sarasin

RI-TV: Episode Forty Six

Strengthening shareholder dialogue around climate issues

Helena Charrier, Responsible Investment Project Director, Caisse des Dépôts

RI-TV: Episode Forty Five

Building an investment process around proactive engagement

Alex van der Velden, Partner & CIO, Ownership Capital

RI-TV: Episode Forty Four

Encouraging external asset managers in North America

Kirsty Jenkinson, Managing Director, Sustainable Investment Strategies, Wespath

RI-TV: Episode Forty Three

Virtuous circle of improved reporting

Dawn Turner, Head of Pension Fund Management, Environment Agency Pension Fund

RI-TV: Episode Forty Two

Seeking highest standards of transparency in fund reporting

Martina Macpherson, COO, Refine Research

RI-TV: Episode Forty One

Pension fund members asking trustees about climate risk

Mark Campanale, Founder and Director, Carbon Tracker Initiative

RI-TV: Episode Forty

Healthy oceans can mitigate the problems of climate change

Clare Brook, CEO, Blue Marine Foundation

RI-TV: Episode Thirty Nine

Green bonds are a template for public-private partnership

Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

RI-TV: Episode Thirty Eight

Green bond guidelines for the real estate sector

Sara Anzinger, Manager Real Estate Debt & Fixed Income, GRESB

RI-TV: Episode Thirty Seven

Building momentum of stewardship and engagement

Daniel Godfrey, Chief Executive Officer, Investment Association

RI-TV: Episode Thirty Six

RI Americas 2014 video exclusive: Bob Litterman, the ex Goldman Sachs risk chief and co-developer of the Black-Litterman model for portfolio allocation, says hedging climate change risk is an investment imperative.

Bob Litterman, Partner and Chairman of Risk Committee, Kepos Capital, is one of the world's most influential risk managers: when he speaks, it's worth listening. In a keynote at December 2014's RI Americas conference he talks emissions' pricing, stranded assets and potential value destruction in the energy sector.

RI-TV: Episode Thirty Five

RI Americas 2014 video exclusive: Scott Stringer: The New York City Comptroller talks about the powerful investor coalition with hundreds of billions of dollars called the Boardroom Accountability Project (BAP), he is leading to end "zombie directors".

The investment advisor, custodian and trustee of New York City's five pension funds managing $160 billion for the public pension system, Scott Stringer is fast becoming a leading advocate for corporate governance changes sought by long-term institutional investors.

RI-TV: Episode Thirty Four

The Importance of Materiality for ESG investing

Julia Kochetygova, Head of Sustainability Indices at S&P Dow Jones Indices and Guido Giese, Head of indices at RobecoSAM share their insights on the importance of materiality for ESG investing.

RI-TV: Episode Thirty Three

Does ESG Really Matter? Understanding the Importance of Impact Reporting

Does ESG really matter? In this video, Julia Kochetygova, Head of Sustainability Indices at S&P Dow Jones Indices and Guido Giese, Head of indices at RobecoSAM explain the importance of Impact Reporting within the ESG space.

RI-TV: Episode Thirty Two

Capital Needs and Index Investing

In this video, Julia Kochetygova, Head of Sustainability Indices at S&P Dow Jones Indices and Guido Giese, Head of indices at RobecoSAM discuss index investing and capital allocation to sustainable companies and projects.

RI-TV: Episode Thirty One

Green Bonds: Environmentally-friendly Investing

Heather McArdle, Director of Fixed Income Indices at S&P Dow Jones Indices and Julia Kochetygova, Head of Sustainability Indices at S&P Dow Jones Indices discuss what Green Bonds are and what makes them unique.

RI-TV: Episode Thirty

RobecoSAM - Mobilizing capital to enable the more efficient use of the world's resources

Focusing on resource efficiency solutions is about more than protecting scarce natural resources. It is also about tapping into potentially huge long-term growth opportunities. This video shows a glimpse of the many areas in which innovative businesses are helping the global economy adapt to resource scarcity - and investors generate long-term returns.

RI-TV: Episode Twenty Nine

Highlights from The RobecoSAM Sustainability Forum 2014

Highlights from The RobecoSAM Sustainability Forum 2014 (2-3 October, Horgen, Switzerland). The RobecoSAM Forum is a two day conference that connects corporates and asset owners with a group of outstanding speakers. This year's keynote speakers included Chandran Nair from the Global Institute For Tomorrow, Nick Robins from UNEP and Jamie Butterworth from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

RI-TV: Episode Twenty Eight

Anne Sheehan talks about executive pay and board diversity.

Anne Sheehan, director of corporate governance at CalSTRS the $166bn US pension fund, talks to Hugh Wheelan at the RI Americas conference on December 11 about executive pay, board diversity, the fund's 2014 governance priorities, and collaboration with other international asset owners.

RI-TV: Episode Twenty Seven

Zaiga Strautmane on sovereign bonds and newer areas of investment

Zaiga Strautmane, Head of ESG at Unipension, the DKK89bn ($12bn) Danish pension administration group, says initiatives in Denmark on ESG factors in sovereign bonds have put it high on the fund's sustainability agenda along with newer areas of focus like real estate and private equity.

RI-TV: Episode Twenty Six

Daniel Willey on company engagements and cooperation with other investors

Daniel Willey, Compliance Officer, Investment Management Division, UN Joint Staff Pension Scheme, tells RI how company engagements and working with other investors in the UNPRI Clearinghouse is a key area of its ESG work.

RI-TV: Episode Twenty Five

Melanie Brooks on active ownership and collaboration in ESG

Melanie Brooks, Senior Analyst for Responsible Investment at Folketrygdfondet, Government Pension fund of Norway, is a big fish investing heavily in the relatively small Norwegian market. Brooks explains how active ownership and collaboration with fellow Norwegian investors is therefore vital to its ESG approach.

RI-TV: Episode Twenty Four

Jon Duncan on Integration of ESG into Executive Decisions

Jon Duncan, Head of Sustainability Research and Engagement at Old Mutual, the $262.2bn financial services group, talks about how the company integrates issues like energy security, carbon taxation, water risk and executive pay into its investment decisions in South Africa.

RI-TV: Episode Twenty Three

Christina Kusoffsky Hillesöy on ESG Intergration into Passive Equity Exposure

Christina Kusoffsky Hillesöy, Head of Communication and Sustainable Investments, at AP3 in Sweden, explains how the government pension buffer fund is weighing up ESG integration into its passive equity exposure.

RI-TV: Episode Twenty Two

Adrian Bertrand, ESG Manager, at South Africa's Government Employees Pension Fund

Adrian Bertrand, ESG Manager, at South Africa's ZAR1.2 trillion ($101bn) Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF), the largest in Africa, talks about how the fund is looking at topical, domestic ESG concerns such as labour rights in the platinum mining sector in South Africa and initiatives on salaries and a living wage.

RI-TV: Episode Twenty One

James Gifford talks about the 2013 PRI in Person conference in Cape Town, South Africa

James Gifford, Executive Director of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment talks about the importance of being in Africa - investment opportunities and challenges - for this year's annual PRI signatory gathering.

RI-TV: Episode Twenty

Daniel Doctoroff discusses Bloomberg LP's commitment to sustainability

Daniel Doctoroff, President and CEO of Bloomberg LP discusses the company's commitment to sustainability and belief in the growing importance of ESG research.

RI-TV: Episode Nineteen

ESG Leadership Forum 2012

What are the key requirements to leverage sustainable investment and establish governance frameworks from a research, policy and investment standpoint? Can ESG factors make a material difference to the risk / return profile of portfolios and how? And just how should investors go about managing fiduciary duties? MSCI ESG Research, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, RBF / University of St Andrews, UKSIF and Responsible Investor present edited excerpts from the ESG Leadership Forum held in London, 27 April 2012.

RI-TV: Episode Eighteen

Analysis shows that ESG is poised to go mainstream

Thomas Kuh, Business Director of MSCI ESG Indices, takes a historical perspective on the interest in, and awareness of, investing in ESG-oriented companies over the past several decades. Prior to the 1990s there was a scarcity of information about companies and their ESG engagement, says Kuh; furthermore no one really had a framework for analyzing that information. The interview, courtesy of FS Insight and Holland Financial Centre, was recorded during Responsible Investor's ESG USA 2011 conference, New York, 13 December 2011.

More information: MSCI ESG Indices, FSinsight.

RI-TV: Episode Seventeen

An "ESG" corporate culture creates high performance in the long term

George Serafeim, Assistant Professor of Business Management, Harvard Business School discusses the results of research presented in the white paper "The Impact of a Corporate Culture of Sustainability on Corporate Behavior and Performance", which he co-authored with Professor Robert G. Eccles (Harvard Business School) and Prof. Ioannis Ioannou (London Business School). The interview, courtesy of FS Insight and Holland Financial Centre, was recorded during Responsible Investor's ESG USA 2011 conference, New York, 13 December 2011.

More information: Read the white paper, FSinsight.

RI-TV: Episode Sixteen

Next up in SRI: proving the societal value of investments

Marcel Jeucken, Managing Director Responsible Investment, PGGM, discusses how the fund makes its investment decisions, integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns into its investment strategy. "We are big institutional investors that deploy capital into the economy, and we have to think about how we do that" he says. One crucial element the industry is currently missing: a way to prove the societal, as well as the financial return in socially responsible investments. The interview, courtesy of FS Insight and Holland Financial Centre, was recorded during Responsible Investor's ESG USA 2011 conference, New York, 13 December 2011.

More information: Responsible Investment at PGGM, FSinsight.

RI-TV: Episode Fifteen

Conservative US legal culture slows progress of ESG in pension funds

Attorney Jay Youngdahl, Visiting Fellow at the Initiative for Responsible Investment (IRI) at Harvard University's Hauser Center, says that conservative lawyers retained by US pension funds are reinforcing the wrong definition of "fiduciary duty" with their clients, remaining focused on short-term profit for beneficiaries. The interview, courtesy of FS Insight and Holland Financial Centre, was recorded during Responsible Investor's ESG USA 2011 conference, New York, 13 December 2011.

More information: Initiative for Responsible Investment, FSinsight.

RI-TV: Episode Fourteen

Investor Summit on Climate Risk & Energy Solutions

On January 12, 2012, nearly 500 of the world's investors and most powerful financial players gathered at the United Nations to showcase their actions and discuss promising trends to catalyze the large-scale investment needed to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate potentially catastrophic climate impacts. The speakers featured in the video - supplied courtesy of Ceres - are: Mindy S. Lubber, President, Ceres and Director, INCR; Janet Cowell, North Carolina State Treasurer; Rob McCord, State Treasurer, Pennsylvania Treasury Department; Jack Ehnes, CEO, California State Teachers' Retirement System; Jane Ambachtsheer, National Partner, Mercer Consulting Services; Bill Green, Senior Managing Director, Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets; Mark Vachon, VP, GE ecomagination; Richard L. Trumka, President and AFL-CIO.

More information: Ceres.

RI-TV: Episode Thirteen

Boards need to articulate the business case for ESG

The Boards of organizations can do a lot more to promote ESG, says Erika Karp, Managing Director & Head of Global Sector Research for UBS Investment Bank. That involves asking sometimes uncomfortably explicit questions about the environmental, social and governance-related performance of the organization. "I don't think the business case for ESG has been articulated well, because if you take each of the pieces environmental, social and governance there's a business case to be made wherever you sit in the capital markets ecosystem," says Karp. The interview, courtesy of FS Insight and Holland Financial Centre, was recorded during Responsible Investor's ESG USA 2011 conference, New York, 13 December 2011.

More information: UBS Investment Bank, FSinsight.

RI-TV: Episode Twelve

There is no conflict between responsible investment and fiduciary duty

Rob Lake, Director of Strategic Development for the United Nations-backed organization Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), has years of experience in socially responsible investing. His SRI experience in Europe and the UK has given him unique insights to share in the US - a market in which, he says, there is still 'a certain amount of uncertainty and skepticism' about SRI, as well as misunderstanding about the relationship between fiduciary duty and responsible investing. The interview, courtesy of FS Insight and Holland Financial Centre, was recorded during Responsible Investor's ESG USA 2011 conference, New York, 13 December 2011.

More information: UN PRI, FSinsight.

RI-TV: Episode Eleven

Sustainability allows investors to do a better long-term investment job

Roger Urwin, Global Head of Investment Content at Towers Watson, says there are suspicions that the collateral benefits of sustainability may detract from the true purpose of pension funds, which is to make a profit. The benefits of sustainability are not the primary purpose; the primary purpose is to do a better long-term investment job. The interview, courtesy of FS Insight and Holland Financial Centre, was recorded during Responsible Investor's ESG USA 2011 conference, New York, 13 December 2011.

More information: Towers Watson Investment Consulting, FSinsight.

RI-TV: Episode Ten

The honeymoon is over

Wolfgang Engshuber, Chair of United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) summarizes the development of the company over the last six years: "The honeymoon is over." He goes on to describe the desired direction for UN PRI: "Globally represented, covering the whole investment universe and signatories who have impact on major themes." The interview, courtesy of FS Insight and Holland Financial Centre, was recorded during Responsible Investor's ESG Europe 2011 conference, Amsterdam, 4-5 October 2011.

More information: UN PRI, FSinsight.

RI-TV: Episode Nine

Finance & Sustainability

The tipping point of sustainability and responsibility in finance is happening right now, says Noreena Hertz, Professor of Globalization, Sustainability and Finance at Duisenberg School of Finance and Erasmus University. The interview, courtesy of FS Insight and Holland Financial Centre, was recorded during Responsible Investor's ESG Europe 2011 conference, Amsterdam, 4-5 October 2011.

More information: Duisenberg School of Finance, FSinsight.

RI-TV: Episode Eight

SAM on Sustainability Investing

SAM (Sustainable Asset Management) CEO, Michael Baldinger interview on Sustainability Investing. Joining the debate will be Daniel Wild, Head of Research and Marc-Olivier Buffle, Senior Analyst, to explain SAM's Corporate Sustainability Assessment and its meaning for investors.

More information: SAM on Sustainability Investing.

RI-TV: Episode Six

N. Stern on Climate Change »

Lord Nicholas Stern, IG Patel Professor of Economics and Government at LSE addresses climate change and opportunities for investors, interviewed by Brendan Maton, pensions journalist.


RI-TV: Episode Five

Marcel Jeucken, PGGM Investments »

Marcel Jeucken, head of responsible investment at PGGM Investments, talks about ESG integration, RI performance and corporate engagements and exclusions.

More information: Responsible Investment at PGGM.

RI-TV: Episode Four

RI Landscape 2008 Asset Owners survey »

Responsible-Investor and IPE brought together eight investment professions to discuss the results of the RI Landscape 2008 Asset Owners survey. Participating: Michael Atzwanger, PensPlan; Erik Christiansen, ERAPF; Xavier Desmadryl, HSBC Investments; Christian Gollier, joint holder of the French university chair devoted to responsible investment and sustainable finance; Dr Marcel Jeucken, PGGM; Aled Jones, UK Pension Protection Fund; Liam Kennedy, IPE; Michel Lemonnier representing the French Asset Management Association; Raj Thamotheram, AXA Investment Managers; Hugh Wheelan, Responsible Investor.

More information: Read the survey results and report.

RI-TV: Episode Three

Rob Lake, ABP »

Rob Lake, senior portfolio manager for environmental, social and governance at ABP, the €221bn ($311bn) pension fund for Dutch civil servants, talks clean tech, engagement and cluster bombs.

More information: Read the interview transcript, ABP.

RI-TV: Episode Two

David Russell, USS »

David Russell, co-head of Responsible Investment at the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), the €31bn ($46bn) second largest UK pension fund, explains how its SRI strategy is not just about risk but also reward.

More information: Read the interview transcript, USS.

RI-TV: Episode One

Bob Monks »

One of the world's most prominent corporate governance activists since the 1970s, Bob Monks talks about engagement, hedge fund activists, private equity and why 'discouraged' is not part of his vocabulary.

More information: Read the interview transcript.

RI-TV: Free to View

The episodes below are archived from our two 2012 "ESG in RFP" events held in New York and London.



Brandon Rees, Deputy Director, Office of Investment, AFL-CIO explores the relationship between a consultant and an asset owner when undertaking external manager selection that includes ESG criteria and discusses the AFL-CIO's Key Votes Survey, which allows trustees to monitor their investment managers' voting records.

AustralianSuper: Christodoulou

AustralianSuper: Christodoulou

Kelly Christodoulou, ESG Investment Manager, AustralianSuper, discusses: ESG questions in the fund's RFPs; responses including those that work, don't work, and why; and how they look at governance issues.

CalPERS: Simpson

CalPERS: Simpson

Anne Simpson, Senior Portfolio Manager, Director, Global Governance, CalPERS presents: Manager Expectations on ESG; What’s driving ESG at CalPERS? Pilot questionnaire on ESG. Working with the Global Peer Exchange to develop a manager expectations document.

CalSTRS: Rice

CalSTRS: Rice

Brian Rice, Portfolio Manager, Corporate Governance, CalSTRS, explores the fund's processes around ESG-based investment and external manager selection in depth.

Ceres: Spalding

Ceres: Spalding

Kirsten Spalding, Director, California Office, Ceres presents: Integrating sustainability into capital markets for the health of the planet and its people.

Environment Agency: Pearce

Environment Agency: Pearce

Howard Pearce, Head of Environmental Finance and Pension Fund Management, Environment Agency. Case Study What the fund has done with regard to ESG. What it has experienced, and what asset managers may want to understand about this. What's next?

ERAFP: CEO Philippe Desfossés

ERAFP: CEO Philippe Desfossés

Philippe Desfossés CEO, ERAFP (The €13bn French Public Service Additional Pension Scheme) discusses its 100% SRI policy and explains its strategy and responsible investment goals.

GMI Ratings: Sherman

GMI Ratings: Sherman

Howard Sherman, Executive Director, GMI Ratings: Trends in ESG Investing. Importance of ESG Research. How is ESG Being Integrated? ESG is not a monolithic investment strategy. Accounting risk. Case studies.

Kirstein: Willers

Kirstein: Willers

Jan Willers, Head of Financial Market Research, Kirstein A/S: Guide to the Nordic region. Importance of ESG to asset owners. How various Nordic pension funds use ESG in their external manager selection process. A case study on ESG in relation to RFPs.

Marco Consulting Group: Marco

Marco Consulting Group: Marco

John Marco, Senior Consultant, Marco Consulting Group explores the relationship between a consultant and an asset owner when undertaking external manager selection that includes ESG criteria.

Mercer: Jones

Mercer: Jones

Aled Jones, Head of Responsible Investment, EMEA, Mercer. Definitions & drivers. What are asset owners doing? Challenges for investment managers. Challenges for all of us. Threat of regulation. What we tell our clients.

Mercer: Metrick

Mercer: Metrick

Craig Metrick, Principal and US Head of Responsible Investment, Mercer, presents: North American ESG RFP Requirements - An Overview. Structure of RFPs; The language of ESG questions. Completing proposals; Meeting with asset owners. Post selection.

MN: Mnatsakanian

MN: Mnatsakanian

Narina Mnatsakanian, Advisor, Responsible Investment & Engagement, MN: Integration of ESG and RI in selection of external managers; external manager evaluation, monitoring process, reporting requirements; role for collective engagement with external managers.

MSCI ESG Indices: Kuh

MSCI ESG Indices: Kuh

Thomas Kuh, Executive Director - MSCI ESG Indices, presents A Guide to ESG Indices for Asset Managers. Adding value to the investment process. Different types of ESG indices Use as benchmarks, analytical tools and basis of investment products. Case study.

MSCI ESG Research Brammer

MSCI ESG Research Brammer

Marc Brammer, Vice President, MSCI ESG Research: ESG and the Asset Owner / Consultant / Asset Manager relationship. What Drives The RFP Process? Why is ESG Important and who is using this research? ESG Ratings, Controversies & Reputational Risk, Screening.

NEST: Soobiah

NEST: Soobiah

Diandra Soobiah, Senior Research Analyst, National Employment Savings Trust (NEST). RI approach. Why ESG matters to NEST. Incorporating ESG. Examples: Passive global equities; Active real estate. Examples of good and bad responses. Manager selection: overview, methodology.

Pension Protection Fund: Schmidt

Pension Protection Fund: Schmidt

Ebba Schmidt, Responsible Investment Manager, UK Pension Protection Fund. How we work with our fund managers: Selection; Mandates; ICGN legal language; Monitoring and engagement. Plus a guide to do and don't when answering RFPs.

PRI: Bratcher

PRI: Bratcher

Diane Bratcher, US Network Manager, Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI): What does leadership in RFP responses look like? New PRI Reporting Framework. Best Practice for RFP responses.

PRI: Lake

PRI: Lake

Rob Lake, Director of Strategic Development, Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI): It's not just about the RFP! Demonstrating real alignment of interests. PRI Reporting Framework - a guide, not a straitjacket. Building mutual understanding and trust in the relationship.

Sarah Cleveland Consulting: Cleveland

Sarah Cleveland Consulting: Cleveland

Sarah Cleveland, Founder, Sarah Cleveland Consulting provides an overview of investment consultant practices and reviews the INCR investment consultant project.

Towers Watson: Hunt

Towers Watson: Hunt

Emma Hunt, Senior Investment Consultant, Towers Watson. Current thinking on sustainable investment. Sustainability and Towers Watson's manager research process. ESG in RFPs: push and pull.

Wespath Investment Management: Green

Wespath Investment Management: Green

Anita Green, Manager, Socially Responsible Investing, Wespath Investment Management covers: ESG questions in Wespath's RFPs; focus on fixed income search; results of Wespath’s 2012 initiative requiring managers to provide a copy of their PRI survey.