Sustainable finance pioneer Valéry Lucas-Leclin dies

Lucas-Leclin was noted for his award-winning sustainable investment research.

Valéry Lucas-Leclin, one of the pioneers of sustainable investment research over a 25-year, award-winning career, has died aged 53.

Lucas-Leclin was well known internationally in the sustainable finance field.

In his home country of France, few didn’t know him.

Lucas-Leclin started work in the sustainable finance field in 1998 as an analyst, then head of research of ARESE, the French ESG research firm. He later joined Innovest, the North American ESG research firm, as a senior analyst.

Subsequently, he led broker research ESG analyst teams at CM CIC Securities and was then made co-head of thematic and ESG research at Société Générale in Paris. He held the same post at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London.

During this period, he won the title for Thomson Reuters number one ranking of best ESG analyst over successive years.

In recent years, he jointly created and sold an ESG research business, Grizzly Responsible Investment, to Paris-based Beyond Ratings, the ESG financial rating agency, where he was part of the management team. That business was itself sold to the London Stock Exchange, and Lucas-Leclin continued as a director.

Latterly, he was head of ESG index research for Wilshire, the investment advisory company.