Sustainalytics acquires provider of sustainability metrics for private equity investments

ESG Analytics was started in 2012 by Zurich-based private equity firm Adveq

Sustainalytics, the Amsterdam-based ESG (environmental, social and governance) research firm, has acquired a smaller peer specialising in sustainability metrics for private equity investments.

The company is called ESG Analytics and was started by Zurich-based private equity firm Adveq three years ago. Chief Executive of ESG Analytics was Rina Kupferschmid, who, a year after the firm’s founding, moved her team of three specialists from Zurich to New York. Kupferschmid told RI at the time that the relocation to New York was part of a bigger marketing push that included a rollout of web-based products and services such as responsible investment reporting.

As part of the acquisition, Sustainalytics said it had acquired Adveq’s controlling stake in ESG Analytics, adding that Kupferschmid’s team in New York would join it. Further details on the acquisition, including ESG Analytics’ price or how many clients beyond Adveq it provides its data to, were not disclosed.

“Sustainalytics is committed to innovation through new products and leveraging technology to enhance thevalue we provide to clients across a spectrum of risk identification and mitigation solutions,” said Sustainalytics CEO Michael Jantzi in a statement.
“The acquisition of ESG Analytics, and the addition of its well-respected team, enhances our position as an ESG market leader.”
Added Sven Liden, CEO of Adveq: “We helped launch ESG Analytics three years ago, because we wanted to further quantify the progress and impact of our investment activities with regarding to ESG. As other industry participants are interested in adopting the same approach we are delighted that our venture has found a worthy home.”

In related news, Sustainalytics German rival Oekom Research has formed an alliance with South Pole Group, a provider climate-related data (e.g. carbon footprints) on companies based in Zurich. Under the alliance, Oekom will expand its coverage of listed companies to include South Pole’s data, while South Pole will draw on Oekom’s ESG data. Announcement