Write a 3k-word Business Plan, win a £10k prize and do something great for older age care: enter the Silver Linings Competition

Win 1x £10k winners prize and 2x £5k runner-up prizes.

The deadline for entering a 3000 word Business Plan to the Silver Linings Competition for care solutions for older generations is January 1, 2022.

Win 1x £10k winners prize and 2x £5k runner-up prizes.

We had a fantastic response to the initial ‘Brainwaves’ section of the Silver Linings Competition to design solutions for improving older age care.

We think the Competition can help generate discussion and ideas to compliment the increased ESG thinking of pension funds whose goal is to provide the best possible retirement pot in the best possible world in which to enjoy that retirement; a key factor of that we believe, is – or should be – the quality and sustainability of care available whether that be housing, technology, community.

You can see the fantastic ideas that entrants came up here with on the Silver Linings website where our Brainwaves winners have recorded short 1-minute clips on their ideas.

Do take a look, they are great!

You should also check out the interview we did with the Winner of our ‘Brainwave of Brainwaves’ Anvam Nagpal, as voted for by the audience at The Brainwave Winners’ event earlier this summer.

Anvam talks to myself and Dr Rachel Melsom about the inspiration behind his winning brainwave “Prescient”, a smart and potentially important piece of technology that could help improve the lives of older people with incontinence problems.

BUT, generating brainwaves was just the starter part of the competition; an introductory drumroll if you like.

Our goal with the Silver Linings Competition has always been to incubate ideas that people have about how to improve older age care, and then help take those budding (and even established) ideas on their next steps towards potential investment by instigating the creation of simple business plans, and then presenting those ideas to an investor audience to see if the ideas might fly as realistic, investable projects.

We think this is a worthy addition to helping solve the older age care crisis we see in many countries.

And to support this, our judges – all experts in their fields – have been writing advisory or comment pieces on the Business Plans.

Anyone with an idea, should have a read of the column by Colum Lowe Director, Design Age Institute, and one of the Silver Linings competition judges, on ‘How to write a 3000 word Business Plan to enter the Silver Linings older age care competition’.

And investors should have a read of the article by Andy Lewis, Partner and Niamh Hamlyn, Senior Associate in the Pensions team at Travers Smith, titled: The Silver Linings elderly care competition: addressing a key part of the “S” missing from pension trustees’ ESG agendas.

Travers Smith will be hosting the event in February next year where we announce the winners of the Business Plans entries.

We’ll also be holding an info event on November 25th at Audley Villages retirement complex, Clapham, London with our judges and media attendees where you can learn more about the Competition, about Business Plans and meet the judges for inspiration: more information soon. We hope to see you there!

The timeline for the competition is below

Silver Linings Competition: Submission of Business Plans

By January 9, 2022

Short list Business Plans announced

January 27, 2022

Business Plan winners announced

February 10, 2022