Announcing the launch of the RI Digital: Canada 2020 – September 15-16

Debating Canadian leadership opportunities on the global sustainable finance agenda across asset classes, markets and major ESG themes

With 2020 set to be a wild year for global markets, and sustainable finance taking centre stage as part of the coronavirus recovery, we are thrilled to be launching our inaugural RI Digital: Canada 2020 conference, a free-to-air event. 

Canadian investors are globetrotters and the ‘Canadian Pension Model’ is a byword for leadership on the design of durable retirement savings systems. When Canadian financial players make moves in the banking, pensions, and insurance space – even if they try to do it quietly – the world pays attention. Across the financial system, from the more established chartered banks, insurers, pension funds and large asset managers, to smaller niche players in the derivatives and hedge fund space, Canada is open to innovation in ESG and beyond. From pioneering in-house private equity in public sector pensions to leading new investments in clean energy in North America and around the world, Canadian investors are respected for their leadership in global capital markets. But the global sustainable finance agenda and the ratcheting up of climate ambition is posing challenges to this leadership reputation. 

Squeezed between a belligerent United States and an increasingly assertive China, Canadian policy makers, pension funds, asset managers and insurance companies are all considering how they will respond to sustainable finance shifts in Brussels and Beijing. Leadership will be key to surviving an increasingly hostile, low-return world. In this context we are bringing together a mix of local and global experts to unpack what the future of ESG integration and sustainable finance means for Canadian investors.

RI Canada: Digital 2020 will feature several exciting and important Keynote Interviews.

Already confirmed are: 

Sheila Bair, Founding Chair of The Systemic Risk Council, the private sector, non-partisan body of former government officials and financial and legal experts committed to addressing regulatory and structural issues relating to global systemic risk, will share updates on monetary policy megatrends in the era of coronavirus.

Mafalda Duarte, Director of Climate Investment Funds, the $8.3 billion green strategic finance mechanism is evolving new ways to mobilize finance from capital markets, and she will talk about the future of clean energy investing as the transition to net zero emissions gathers pace heading into COP26.

From systemic risks like economic inequality and climate change, indigenous project finance, human capital development and investing in transport infrastructure, participants will debate a wide range of ESG themes that have the potential to either reinforce or destroy the bottom line for long-term investors.  

Join us on 15th-16th September to learn how Canadian investors can adapt their unique investment style to incorporate key ESG risks and opportunities, and to discover what global investors can learn from the initiatives coming out of Canada.  

Register here to find out who is leading the way, and what lessons have been learned en route to more robust ESG integration and long-term value creation.

Topics on the agenda for RI Digital: Canada 2020 include:

  • Is Canada taking a lead on ESG integration in global markets, or dragging its heels?

  • Winding up fossil fuels & financing clean energy and grids: what will that take in Canada? 

  • Canada and the great green taxonomy debate

  • Indigenous peoples as project partners – global opportunities in the era of UNDRIP 

  • Increasing diversity amongst board directors & improving board relevance – a global opportunity

Register for the free-to-air RI Digital: Canada 2020 conference here.