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Investors sour on UK’s green debt programme as Insight Investment reveals it downgraded bonds' impact rating over policy delays.
China and Japan back transition label but many sustainable investors are unconvinced.
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Climate Transition Finance Handbook gets first update since release, with Just Transition integrated across labelled bond principles.
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Social issuance spiked as policymakers rushed to fund their crisis response but has fallen again post-pandemic. Can new issuers and instruments bring the market back to life?
Changes to include mentions of Just Transition in impact reporting handbook, while climate transition finance handbook will get an overhaul.
Guidance looks to maintain ‘robust standards’ in HY, while bankers tell RI that investors are looking for Scope 3 targets and verification.
After Dutch chemicals firm Nobian meets an SLB target it was expected to miss, think tank AFII asks what accounted for the drop in emissions.
Leaked text clarifies rules around grandfathering, but banks, investors warn that taxonomy usability will hamper uptake.
‘Renaissance’ of SLB market seems unlikely without regulatory clarity and stricter standards warns Commerzbank note.
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EBRD retains favourable impression of Greek utility, which will pay an extra 50bps after missing targets due to increased coal usage.

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