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…Because Externality-Denying Capitalism is a ‘Fix that Fails’
… but it may have been the necessary ‘defence at first depth’
Duncan Austin argues that the need for net zero reveals there have been two interpretations of sustainability all along.
Duncan Austin argues that ESG is caught in the middle of a deep struggle between economics and ecology, but that we may all be ‘economist’ and ‘ecologist’.
What connects Trump’s demagoguery to ESG concerns is that both flow from our contemporary neglect of ‘public’.
The devilish dilemma of quicksand is that you must escape as quickly as possible but anything you do to escape only drags you further down
The economist's statement - 50 years old this week - propels the runaway corporatism that continues to destabilise our society and environment.
The question our sustainability crisis poses is whether our economy is more market failure than market? What says economics, then?

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