Co-head of top-rated Soc Gen SRI research team leaves

Valéry Lucas-Leclin expected to remain in the ESG research field.

Valéry Lucas-Leclin, one of Europe’s top rated ESG analysts and co-head of the highly successful SRI research team at Société Générale, has left the French bank. Lucas-Leclin departed at the end of last week after four years in the post. He is expected to stay in the ESG field, although he has yet to announce his plans.
He co-headed Société Générale’s ESG research team with Sarbjit Nahal. Both joined the team in 2006. Together Lucas-Leclin and Nahal built Europe’stop-rated SRI research team, winning the leading overall pan-European brokerage firm for SRI & sustainability research for 2008 and 2009 in the Thomson Reuters Extel Survey. The team also won the 2010 annual Farsight Award for the best sustainable broker research examining investor opportunities in the sustainability field.
Lucas-Leclin was formerly head of SRI research at CM-CIC Securities.