€26bn French fund ERAFP tenders for advisors on climate change risk and opportunity for assets

Separate lots will examine different investment classes.

France’s public service additional pension scheme (ERAFP), a 100% SRI investor with €26bn in assets, has launched a tender to find one or more consultancy companies specialised in environmental risk and opportunity research on the theme of climate change.
The advisory mandates will be awarded in two separate lots. The first mandate will involve researching the fund’s equity investment portfolios for Europe, North America, Pacific region, and France, as well as international convertible bonds, and corporate bonds issued in euros and dollars, as well as sovereign debt exposure.
The second lot will examine the fund’s exposure to real estate, private equity and infrastructure.
ERAFP said that the methodologies developed by the research companies would lead it to subsequently evaluate the exposure of its investments to climate change and decide what action could be taken.The research contracts will be awarded for three years. Submissions to the tender must be received by the fund before November 30 at midday.
Details on the tender can be found at www.achatpublic.com
ERAFP CEO Philippe Desfossés recently wrote a piece for RI looking at what he said was the fund’s new challenge for the next ten years: to play a full role in the transition to a carbon-free economy and increase awareness of its action as a responsible pension scheme:
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ERAFP is one of the world’s largest public pension funds in terms of member numbers, with over 4.5m beneficiaries, 45,000 employers and nearly €1.8bn in annual contributions, making it one of the fastest growing institutional asset pots in the world, all of which is outsourced to third party managers.