Hugh Wheelan: some great, recommended panel recordings you may have missed!

Hottest ESG topics, deep dives on RI in private equity and diversity as an investment theme, and a cracking chat with one of Harvard’s top professors

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In the flow of on-line events, often directed towards specific countries/audiences, you sometimes lose sight of the really interesting/informative content that would be useful to a much broader audience. 

I was involved in moderating a number of plenary sessions at our recent RI Digital: Japan 2020 conference that fit that bill. Many of the Japan conference sessions are, of course in Japanese, but these sessions were in English, subtitled in Japanese. They are free to access, so feel free to pass the links on.

The hottest new ESG topics

The first one I’d like to flag up and link to is a recording of a plenary session I led, titled: The hottest new ESG topics for global investors and why and how they translate into investment: food security, antibiotics, cyber security, big data, social media & privacy.

The recording can be accessed here.

It features Katie Beith, Senior Investment Strategist, Responsible Investment, at the New Zealand Superfund talking about the fund’s engagement with social media companies after the brutal, terrorist live streaming of church murders in Christchurch in March 2019. 

Chris Newton, Executive Director, Responsible Investment at IFM Investors in Australia speaks about cyber risk for real assets investments.

Fiona Stewart, Global Lead Insurance and Pensions at the World Bank Group, looks  at how institutional investors in developing economies can be supported to adopt ESG practices, and talked about the ‘new frontier’ of nature and biodiversity risks for all investors.

Hans Stoter, Global Head of AXA IM Core focuses on the ESG organization of the future and asked whether we will still need ESG specialists?

Finally, Antony Eames, Director of Responsible Investment Strategy at Calvert, examines how to match ESG impact to financial performance.

All really interesting leading edge ESG subjects, and well worth a listen!

ESG Leaders asset owner deep-dive sessions

I also moderated a couple of ESG Leaders asset owner deep-dive sessions looking at what ‘good practice’ in responsible investment looks like, and how can it be evaluated for success?

The panel is here and features two of the biggest Nordic pension funds.

Susanne Roge Lund, Director, ESG at ATP in Denmark, looks at ESG integration in private equity strategies; a hugely important area as private markets allocations rise in what are traditionally opaque financial structures.

The second deep-dive presentation is from Ulrika Danielson, Head of Communication and Corporate Governance and part of the Executive Committee at AP2 in Sweden. Ulrika looks at how AP2 is researching diversity as an investment theme, how it can be applied to stock selection, and what the challenges are? 

Two great presentations!

Interview with George Serafeim Charles M. Williams Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

Last but very much not least is a great interview I had with George Serafeim, well known to many in the institutional investment world. 

It’s here.

George is currently teaching “Reimagining Capitalism: Business and Big Problems,” a course which received the Ideas Worth Teaching Award from the Aspen Institute and the Grand Page Prize. 

He has presented research in over 60 countries, including to world leaders in government and business at events such as the World Economic Forum. And he ranks among the top 10 most popular authors out of over 12,000 business authors on the Social Science Research Network.

We speak about ESG as an opportunity for corporate innovation and growth. It’s a fascinating chat!