SRI retail fund sales bounce back after major drop – Lipper stats

April SRI receipts a third of total market fund flows.

Sales of European SRI retail funds recovered to rise by just over €1bn in April after a drop of €2.16bn in March, according to the latest available figures compiled for Responsible Investor by Lipper FMI, the investment data group. The collect of SRI funds was strong for April given that total mainstream retail fund sales were only up by €2.8bn for the month.

However, French asset managers were again amongst the only managers showing serious asset collection as the trend to SRI cash fund labelling in the country continued. The best selling fund was Aviva’s Monétaire ISR (Cash SRI) fund, which took in €1.25bn in assets. Second was French insurer MACIF’s Court Terme ISR (short-term cash fund), which took in €457m. Third was Natixis’ Mirova Sustainable Cash fund with new assets and market appreciation of €91.6m. That said, a significant number of sustainability funds based around themes of healthy living or emerging markets took in new capital during the month (see table in downloads for fund flows). The biggest SRI retail fund in Europe is Amundi’sTréso Eonia ISR cash fund with €23.1bn in assets. Second is Aviva Monétaire ISR cash fund with €2.6bn. Third is MACIF’s Court Terme ISR, SRI cash fund with 2.3bn.
Sales of green themed and norms-based European RI retail fund sales – labelled ‘RI Extended’ by Lipper FMI – were steady over the month, rising by just over €209.6m, continuing a gradual rise in the first half of the year. The list was again dominated by equity and bond fund sales in the Nordic region. The best selling fund for April was Nordea’s US Total Return Bond Fund (Nordea 1) with €133.3m in market appreciation and asset inflows. Second was Skandia’s Sverige Exponering equities fund with inflows of €107.5m.
Third was Nordea’s Obligasjon 2 bond fund with receipts of €100.5m. The largest RI Extended fund is Nordea’s International Fund – Sekura Fund, a cash fund with €3.57bn in assets. Second is Nordea’s SVE Instituutio Korko cash fund with €2.4bn in assets. Third is Pictet’s Water fund with €2.36bn.
See downloads for top fund sales table