NASDAQ sustainability index available as an investable portfolio

NASDAQ OMX CRD Global Sustainability Index joins FOLIOfn & Charles Schwab platforms

The NASDAQ OMX CRD Global Sustainability Index is now available as an investable portfolio, according to an announcement from the index’s creator CRD Analytics and exchange group NASDAQ.
The index was launched in 2009. It gauges companies taking a leadership role in sustainability performance reporting in terms of carbon footprint, energy usage, water consumption, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, employee safety, workforce diversity, management composition and community investing.
The index, which expanded from 50 constituents to 100 in November 2010, will now be offered as a managed account to institutional and individual investors via portfolio manager HIP Investor [Human Impact + Profit] on the FOLIOfn Investments and the Charles Schwab Institutional platforms.
“Many mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs)focus on excluding the negative companies, rather than focusing on the leaders in positive performance,” said Michael Muyot, President of CRD. “This investable index prioritizes those global firms best positioned for success financially, environmentally and socially.”

According to the HIP factsheet, the index has a cumulative return net of fees since inception of 36.02% – against a return of 32.69% for the benchmark, the S&P Global 100 by iShares.
“This portfolio seeks to outperform traditional investment benchmarks via this strategy, striving to achieve more positive human impact, lower risk, and increased financial returns,” HIP says.
Sustainability investment analytics provider CRD is known for its SmartView 360 Platform, which distils data on financial, environmental, social, governance, brand perception and reputational risk. Link